Spotlight on Virginia Behenna of Residences at Coffee Creek

Spotlight on Virginia Behenna of Residences at Coffee Creek

Since the age of 15, it’s been Virginia Behenna’s lifelong dream to become a nurse and care for the senior population. With 22 years of nursing experience and a position with Residences at Coffee Creek as director of resident services, Behenna made her career aspirations a reality.

When asked what in particular appealed to her about those dreams, Behenna had a hard time pinpointing the exact reasoning. She rather felt that it was something inherent to her nature pushing her to pursue nursing.

“It’s like I was born to do this,” she said.

Right out of high school, Behenna began working as a dental assistant. Though it wasn’t quite in the same line of care she desired, she ended up sticking with the role for 14 years.

“This was just fine with me for several years because I was still helping people, and we occasionally did surgery in the operating room at the hospital, which I loved being around,” she said.

Though she had a natural inclination and passion for the environment that came with nursing, Behenna didn’t want to hinge everything on a feeling. Before she became a registered nurse, she was a licensed practical nurse for 10 years.

“I wanted to make sure I was really going to like it before I committed to going for a degree,” she said.

Her instincts proved correct. Not only did she like the career path—she excelled in nursing school. Behenna received the Florence Nightingale Award for providing the best quality nursing care out of her entire graduating class at Ivy Tech in Valparaiso.

After working in home care and hospice, Behenna found her way to Residences at Coffee Creek. Her job isn’t always easy—she has to navigate the challenges of keeping residents, their families, and staff members happy. 

But caring for people and meeting their needs is what Behenna loves, and she found an equally caring community in Residences at Coffee Creek.

“I think the staff sets us apart from other communities. I truly have a very caring team of nurses and nursing assistants,” she said. 

Behenna’s favorite part of her job is caring for her residents, meeting their families, and letting them see how happy their loved ones are in Residences at Coffee Creek’s care.

“It was my passion to be a director and be surrounded by people that want to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the senior community, and that led me here,” Behenna said.

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