St. Paul to Hold Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament Benefit

By: Grace Milroy Last Updated: October 2, 2009

St. Paul Catholic School is holding a fun social event for novices and old hats, men and women to benefit the school!

The Texas Hold 'em Tournament is scheduled for Friday, November 6th, 2009. The tournament will start promptly at 7:00PM. It is set to be held in the St. Paul Catholic School Cafeteria (1755 W. Harrison Blvd.). Enter and park behind school by playground door #9.

The evening will feature:

  • Side games for $20
  • 50/50 Raffle ($10 ticket, 3 for $25)
  • Best Hand Game buy-in for $10
  • Complimentary Food & Snacks
  • $15 SPCS logo mug for free refills on beer and pop all evening
  • 5:30 pm Registration begins
  • 6:00 Instructional time for novices

Texas Hold ‘Em (112 seats)
Prize Schedule ($100 entry)

1st $1199   

2nd $750    

3r  $600    

4th $400    

5th $350    

6th  $325        

7th $300    

8th $275    

The above prize schedule is for a 112-seat filled Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament.  The entry fee is $100.  Profits will go to St. Paul Catholic School.  PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS AND RELATIVES! Registration form and money needs to be received by Monday 11/3/2008.  Make checks payable to St. Paul Catholic School.  Trained dealers will be at each table.

Tournament Rules

  • $100 Entry fee
  • Only persons with money prepaid will be guaranteed a seat
  • Tournament begins at 7pm sharply – individuals should be there at least 1 hour before to draw seat
  • positions and chips.
  • Open unpaid seats are on a first come first served basis, waiting list for first game.
  • Must be registered by 6:45pm or your seat will be lost
  • Players begin with 2-$500 chips, 8-$100 chips, and 8-$25 chips for a total of $2000
  • Pay out schedule contingent on full 112 person event
  • There will be 14 numbered 8-seat tables
  • All seats will be numbered 1 thru 8 for each table
  • All seats positions will be determined by blind draw.
  • #1 table will be the final table
  • Position of the dealer button will be announced by the tourney director prior to the start of the tourney.
  • Blinds begin at $25.00 & $50.00 at 7:00pm and will raise every 15 minutes as per the posted schedule
  • In the event of 3 or more all-ins at the final money table the loser with more money in beats the other
  • player
  • In all games-cards must remain above the table
  • No one to reveal in any way their hole cards if they fold until hand is over
  • 1st offence-Warning
  • 2nd offence-Ejection
  • If you reveal to one person in the game you reveal to all
  • A flipped card on a deal automatically becomes 1st burn card-player that the card was intended for will
  • receive the last hole card dealt
  • 2 flipped cards on a deal will be a misdeal-start over
  • Restroom breaks will be on own time, blinds if mandatory will be paid (ante if applicable), unless taken
  • during cash in or scheduled rest room breaks
  • Side bets for all in pots are allowed
  • When a player is eliminated from the tournament he may register for the individual “side” games on 1st
  • come 1st served basis. These side tables will be created for every 8 participants
  • $20.00 buy in for side tables-no re-buy ins ($1500 worth of chips given)
  • Pay outs for the side tables will be $80.00 for 1st place $20.00 for 2nd place
  • Blind increases will follow the schedule as tourney (starting at $25 and $50) every 15 minutes
  • Blind schedules will be posted
  • All final decisions will be determined by the Tournament Director
  • Must be 21 to play

This event is hosted by Grace Milroy and Karen Behrend. For more information, please call 477-2515 or 531-5724.

(Click here for complete info, registration and rules.)