Starting in November Lifeguard Turtle Alarm System in place at Valparaiso Family YMCA

YMCA-Red-PurpleSafety is a number priority at the Valparaiso Family YMCA especially when it comes to the two pools, lap pool and leisure pool. There is always a lifeguard on duty anytime the pool is open and there is an existing alarm system in case of an emergency. This month an additional second saving system called “Lifeguard Turtle Alarm System” is being installed at the Y. This system allows the lifeguards precious extra seconds to jump into the pool to rescue a swimmer without pushing an alarm button on the wall because a small device is attached to them – called a turtle.

This “turtle” device activates the alarm that relays a signal to the front desk at the Y. This alarm alerts the staff to an emergency in the pool. With this system the lifeguard and the staff at the Y are alerted to a problem earlier, thus having more time to take action to help someone in distress.

One of the Y Aquatics Supervisors, Sam Stark, when asked what he thinks of the new system said “I am a big fan! I know someone is coming to help. It lets me follow my original training, now I can blow the whistle and go!” The new Lifeguard Turtle Alarm System is one more way the Valparaiso Family YMCA is making sure our members and community are safe in the pools.