Statement from Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy

Statement from Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy

Early this afternoon I informed the City’s leadership team, Clerk-Treasurer and City Council that, after much discussion, reflection and thought, I have decided that I will not seek re-election for Mayor in 2023. Coming to this decision was very difficult for me, my wife Polly and my family. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as the 27th Mayor of Valparaiso. It has been an incredible experience and honor to serve for a season as our Mayor. When I began serving, creating and implementing a strategic plan, I thought for certain I would ask the Citizens of Valparaiso to hire me for at least one more term to accomplish some of the big goals we had set as a Leadership Team and collective community. 

Then in early in 2022, a major curve ball came my way. My family’s small business, which I still played a role in, was acquired by Urschel Laboratories. Shortly after the acquisition, I was offered a professional opportunity that will require my daily presence and 100% of my time at Urschel headquarters in Chesterton, IN. While I am very thrilled personally to be accepting this offer from this incredible company in January of 2024, I will miss serving as Mayor alongside an extraordinary group of men and women who made this ride so fun and enjoyable. And what a ride it’s been. We have the best employees and leadership team around and it shows in everything we’ve been able to accomplish. 

I felt after the recent election and before the new year was the appropriate time to announce this decision. I want to be abundantly clear: My focus hasn’t changed now that I’ve made this announcement – we will continue full speed ahead to move our city forward in the new year as we have major projects happening all over Valparaiso. 

I knew growing up in Valparaiso that this city that this community was and is a special place. Serving as Mayor of Valparaiso has given me the opportunity to see just how incredible we are. I have poured every ounce I have into keeping the city strong and will continue to pour it on 2023. 

While this professional opportunity has necessitated me to step back from civic life in 2024, I am not completely stepping away – I do intend to run for City Council in 2024 and help keep our great city headed in the right direction. 

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be grateful and thankful for in Valparaiso. 

Respectfully, Mayor Matt Murphy