Steindler Signs & Graphix offers custom sneeze guards to local businesses

Steindler Signs & Graphix offers custom sneeze guards to local businesses

In the coming weeks, community members will most likely still be settling into their everyday new normal as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t seen them already, sneeze guards, or protective see-through shields, are going to start popping up in most public and office spaces where needed.

Originally invented to prevent contamination at buffet restaurants and other self-service food counters, sneeze guards are now being implemented to safeguard people from airborne germs during daily face-to-face interactions. Places such as grocery stores, pharmacy windows, retail checkout areas, and even office desk spaces have been investing in the new protection.

Steindler Signs & Graphix, one of Northwest Indiana’s premier sign companies, has been hard at work to deliver this protection to local businesses across the area. Known for designing and fabricating virtually any type of custom sign, the company quickly found a new way to serve their customers.

The dedicated team at Steindler Signs & Graphix now produces a wide variety of sneeze guards readily available for custom orders. They can be produced quickly, cost effectively, and customized to fit multiple ranges of space.

“We've had some recent requests from local businesses to fabricate sneeze guards, or as we call them here at the shop ‘Creepy Kyle Blockers,’ for office desks and store counters with or without pass-through openings,” said Tom Steindler, Jr. Owner & CEO; Fabrication, Installation & Service at Steindler Signs & Graphix. “We can do custom sizes and shapes such as a 30-inch-by-42-inch sneeze guard with or without the cut out for $175 and have it ready to be picked up.”

Steindler Signs & Graphix understands that people are actively thinking about how to make their premises safer and the crew is working hard to fulfill this need.

Businesses interested in placing an order or learning more about custom sneeze guards are encouraged to get in touch with Andrew at with any questions.

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