Steiner Homes: A Family Business Putting Good Families in Good Family Homes

The Steiner family in Northwest Indiana is proud to design and build homes for other families to create years of memories.

“We try to build a lot of character in our homes,” said Adam Steiner, the office manager at Steiner Homes, LTD who heads the home-design process. “Our goal is to continue to build great homes that make families happy.”

At Steiner Homes, creating stellar family homes is truly a family affair.

With offices in Crown Point, the company is run by owner Dan Steiner and his wife, Valerie - who handles finances. Adam, their son, works alongside his sister Megan Heckard and her husband, Jordan; brother, Zach and sister Molly Young, who recently moved to Texas but still helps out remotely when needed.

“We are a family company that puts good families in good family homes as a cohesive group,” said Bob Capobianco, who is new to the group of 10-12 full-time employees but already sees the impact the company has had in Northwest Indiana, where the majority of Steiner Homes are located.

“One of the neat things here is that people will know what a Steiner home is even without knowing it,” Capobianco said. “People always ask if it was us who built a particular house, and it always is. We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our product and it is cool to have that relationship with the community. That builds confidence and inspires you to keep up what we are doing.”

Having been around since 2006, Steiner Homes has withstood the housing downfall that began in conjunction with the economic slump two years later.

“It was tough,” Adam Steiner remembered. “Looking back at it, it probably was not the optimal time to begin a home-building business, but God has been faithful to us as a company and we are grateful for that.”

But instead of barely eeking by in troubled times, Steiner Homes has done the opposite: thrive. Completing only three homes in their first year, 25 or so were built in 2013, with a target of 40 by the end of this year.

“We have a lot of work to do, but 40 is the goal,” Steiner said.

Northwest Indiana has been “a fun community to work in,” Steiner added, noting the business has built homes in Lowell, Valparaiso, Crown Point, Schererville, Boone Grove, La Porte, Michiana Shores and currently constructing one near Interstate 94 in Hammond. They are also the contract builder for two 8-unit condominiums and a pair of single family homes in the Marina Shores neighborhood of Portage.

Capobianco, who handles marketing for the business, says Steiner Homes stands out partly because of what are seen as “upgrades” in other homes are “standard” here.

“Our attention to detail and using hand-craft materials separates us from other houses,” he said.

In the end, it’s the customer that counts. And with Steiner Homes, more often than not, the customer is happy.

“My mom has heard from a number of closing agents that our customers always seem pleased at the end of the day, which is never a guarantee in this industry,” Steiner said. “We’ve been real blessed with a hard-working team with people who want these houses built exactly like they would want their own. With an entire team that gets that, it’s really easy when my mom is on the closing table for the customer to say the experience was great.”

Moving forward, Capobianco says the company is looking for “organic growth.”

“If we stay faithful to who we are as a company, the people around here will stay faithful to us,” he said. “We find success from the people that know us and know we are going to bring a good product no matter how the market is.”

A model “Steiner home” is located at 12888 Baker Ct. in Crown Point, but the inspiration for some of the most popular ones comes from what family members call “the original Steiner Home” - where Adam’s parents live, a place they built about 15 years ago.

“So much of their lives happen there,” Adam said. “They throw gigantic parties, have the company over there for Christmas and cookouts and that’s where my sister, Molly had her whole bridal shower.”

“That’s what we are all about - we want to build homes where people can do stuff like that and be a family.”