Steiner Homes, Ltd. allows clients to help design their homes via unique computer software programs

Steiner Homes, Ltd. allows clients to help design their homes via unique computer software programs
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: April 15, 2020

**Editor’s note: During COVID-19, Steiner Homes has put a halt to in-person design sessions with clients. However, these sessions are still available over the phone with screen-share capabilities so that customers can visualize what their home is shaping up to be during the design process.

When working to build your dream home with Steiner Homes, Ltd., you can be sure the dedicated team will take care of a few crucial points during the process:

1) You will be treated more like a friend than a client, 2) your budget will always be respected, and 3) your new home will be anything but cookie-cutter.

That’s where the knowledgeable and trustworthy Steiner Homes design team steps in.

“We’ve built our tradition on making homes that are really cool and unique. Everything we do is centered around putting in those extra details to make our customers’ dreams come true. We’re designing homes based on what people love, not what we tell them to love,” said Dan Steiner, owner and president of Steiner Homes, Ltd. “We want people to pass one of our homes and say, ‘That’s a Steiner Home.’”

Zach Steiner, lead designer at Steiner Homes, sits down with clients and brings their dream homes to life right before their eyes through two computer programs, AutoCAD and SketchUp.

Designers, creators, and innovators use AutoCAD 3D software to create unique, three-dimensional drawings and models, replacing traditional pencil-and-paper drafting to create blueprints with easily altered electronic files.

In addition, when AutoCAD 3D files are put into Autodesk Simulation software, designers are able to create animations that provide virtual tours of a planned building or produce demonstrations of how a product appears when assembled.

These programs are extremely helpful to Steiner Homes clients when they begin to envision what they want in their dream homes.

“People love this process. Sometimes, clients aren’t fully able to communicate what exactly it is that they want until they see it displayed through a visual model. Being able to see the design process as it’s happening and talk about it with us in real-time is extremely helpful to them,” Zach said.

“We make sure your house is laid out just how you want it,” he added. “We want you to love it, and for the home to be specifically tailored to your wants and needs.”

Zach Steiner became interested in the design field when he was first introduced to AutoCAD by his brother in high school.

“I want to be able to give each and every home its own unique identity. Being able to change things around, make specific improvements, and work with clients to make their hopes for their dream homes become a reality has always motivated me,” Zach said.

To offer clients a wide variety of floorplans and options, Steiner Homes is dedicated to staying up to date on current design trends.

Dan Steiner said he perpetually educates himself on home trends, staying in the loop by reading up on magazines, scrolling through Pinterest, attending national and regional builder shows, and more.

“I am very involved in keeping up with current trending designs, so it’s important for me to be involved in the design process in order for the customers to have exposure to the most recent design options and ideas,” Dan said.

This all goes back to the Steiner Homes promise—tailoring every home to meet a client’s needs and wants, all within their budget.

“We’ve always said if we are going to be building a cookie-cutter home, then we just won’t build,” Dan said. “It has to be unique and tailored specially for a customer.”

Interested in making your dream home become a reality with Steiner Homes? Call the team at (219) 841-5412 or e-mail at for more information.