Steiner Homes Ltd. – Industry Experts That Help Make Your Dream Home A Reality

By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: March 28, 2017

Steiner-Homes-Ltd-Industry-Experts-That-Help-Make-Your-Dream-Home-A-Reality Standing out in the crowd is something that Steiner Homes Ltd. has always been able to do. Their incredibly experienced team is dedicated to making your homebuilding experience as professional and stress-free as possible.

Part of what makes Steiner Homes unique is the level of expertise that they have on hand to make sure your dream home is built exactly the way you want it and with the best materials available. For Steiner Homes, having three past presidents and vice presidents of the Home Builders Association of Northwest Indiana (HBA) on the team is part of what helps make them the region’s premier home builder.

“The Home Builders Association is out there to represent builders who want to go out and build good, quality homes and not, sort of, short circuit the system by building shoddy homes,” said Dan Steiner, founder of Steiner Homes Ltd and past-President of the HBA. “A lot of it is really about, I think, integrity and being organized.”

“There are several key things that the Home Builders Association does,” added Steiner. “One is that we want representation statewide and nationally to recognize home builders so that we’re not losing out when it comes to legislation. It’s really about good representation on behalf of builders here in Northwest Indiana.”

Builders that are a part of the Home Builders Association of Northwest Indiana want to do the right things for the right reasons, and, as Steiner put it, want to build good, environmentally friendly homes.

“We’re very pro-green and, I believe, nearly everyone that is involved in the Home Builders Association builds to a five-star plus energy rating,” said Steiner. “Those houses are built really well and so we want to represent our communities, and let them know we’re doing the right things.”

To Steiner, doing the right thing means that they care about the issues that surround home building. And part of what makes Steiner Homes and the HBA great is how connected they are to all of the builders, resources, and representatives in Northwest Indiana that can help make the process easier for builders and consumers.

John Kremke, Site Coordinator with Steiner Homes and former HBA Vice President, recently joined Steiner Homes, but has been in the business for 25 years.

“It’s definitely about relationships,” Kremke said. “Relationships with other contractors, with municipalities and with other suppliers are key to getting our job done, and getting our job done well.”

In speaking about coming in and working with the team at Steiner Homes, Kremke said, “I’m not blowing smoke when I say that I have never ever worked with or for an organization that has such a core group of people with common goals, that challenges themselves, and sets the bar high. We work cohesively, support each other and I’ve never experienced this level before, and that’s the honest truth.”

Echoing Kremke was another former HBA Vice President, Brad Ericks, who is also new to Steiner Homes but not necessarily the home building industry. Ericks brings his experience and expertise in working on the day-to-day operations side of things at Steiner Homes.

Ericks served on the Executive Board of the Indiana Builders Association (IBA) before that organization merged with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) to form the Home Builders Association of Northwest Indiana, of which he also served as Vice President during the transition.

“Essentially, the Lake County and Porter County organizations merged into what it is today,” Ericks said. “Being involved has been great as far as networking and getting more exposure to other people in the industry. When we run into situations where we need assistance or we know someone who could help out a home owner, or another person in the industry, we’ve been exposed to quite a few people that could help out.”

“It’s been great,” Ericks added. “I had been out of the industry for about four or five years and finally just got back, and it’s amazing how the people I’ve had contact or worked with in the past are still around and if the situation comes up, odds are that Dan, John, or I will know someone who could help. It’s essentially a great support group and building relationships has been outstanding. It’s one of the great benefits of being involved.”

“I’m very happy to be involved with Steiner Homes,” said Ericks. “I’m working with all of the great people that we have here in the office to help make their lives a little easier which, in turn, will hopefully make the product that we make, better, and the people that we work with, happier.”

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