Steiner Homes Ltd. is the Region’s ‘Home Builder of the Year’ – Check Out Their Upcoming Open Houses to Find Out Why

steinerbuilderofyearRecently, Steiner Homes Ltd. was heralded as the Northwest Indiana ‘Builder of the Year’ by a major media outlet in the region and, for a company like Steiner Homes, it’s an honor to be recognized for the hard work and dedication that they’ve put in towards becoming the region’s premier home builder.

“It feels fantastic,” said Steiner Homes founder, Dan Steiner, when describing the recognition. “We work long and hard to build a quality product that comes in at a price that people can afford. Obviously, some people can’t afford our product but a lot of people come in and say, ‘Well this is our starter home but we’re going to build a Steiner when we can.’ We’ve heard how a lot of people feel that way and it makes us very happy to hear it!”

“We started out with a dream, we pursued that dream, and we stuck with it,” Steiner said. “We don’t view ourselves in competition with other builders. We view ourselves as trying to build homes that people want and love. That makes a big difference as far as getting a product to people.”

For Dan Steiner and Steiner Homes, always finding ways to improve and learning new things is a big part of the company’s mission. They’re never happy standing still and admiring what happened yesterday. Instead, the company focuses on what comes next and how Steiner Homes can remain the region’s premier home builder.

“You have your hiccups along the way but we’ve always done our best to build the finest product we can,” added Steiner. “Along the way, when you have your hiccups, that’s when you learn the most. You just keep striving towards excellence.”

“Everyone in our company feels that way, and it’s a great feeling for all of us to be on the same page and say, ‘You know what? We’re going to make a better product and sell it at a better price.’ That is possible!”

While pictures provide a good representation of the look of a Steiner Home, there's nothing quite like the real, walk-through experience. Open house events hosted by Steiner Homes give potential homebuyers the opportunity to see, up close and in-person, what really makes a Steiner Home the most unique and highly sought-after product throughout Northwest Indiana. 

Dan Steiner keeps his trade secrets to himself, but he spoke a bit about the aesthetics of a Steiner Home in saying, “There are just different things about a Steiner Home and it has a look. What you see in nearly every movie is the ‘arts & crafts’ look that you see in central and southern California. We’ve done that and there are a number of things that we do that set us apart, and make a Steiner Home special.”

What makes a Steiner unique isn’t limited to the exterior design of their homes. In fact, much of what separates them from the competition is how they make standard what would be considered upgrades by most builders.

“We get tons of responses a day on social media about how people love the look of our houses, and when they go inside they aren’t disappointed,” described Steiner. “There’s white plank hand-scraped oak, granite counters, and even our columns on our stairways are built big. Just the look when you walk in with high baseboard, beautiful trim, and we don’t charge for the arched openings. People are surprised when they learn that these things come standard.”

“We want to build you a better home at a price you can afford so if we find something that’s not working we’re going to eliminate it, and make it a house that you really love. I could hire any contractor out there and I don’t because I only hire the ones who are going to do a job that I won’t have to warranty in a year-and-a-half. To the person that owns that home it means everything.”

Steiner focuses on things that are going to make their homes better, even with an eye on ten years down the road. As a company Steiner is always willing to change and evolve as materials improve.

“I don’t want to change for change alone, but let’s change something because it’s better,” he added. “I think a lot of people would agree with that. There’s just a lot of things we strive to do that make a better house. Our standard is not the standard that other people work towards, and it surprises customers when we’re detailing what goes into our homes.”

To see for yourself what makes Steiner Homes Ltd. the region’s Home Builder of the Year, check out their Open House events on Saturdays and Sundays from noon-4pm. Go to: or follow their social media page here to get all of the details!