Steiner Homes: Making the Home Building Process Easy and Enjoyable

Steiner Homes: Making the Home Building Process Easy and Enjoyable

Steiner Homes Ltd. is the region’s premier home builder dedicated to making sure every detail is thought out and that your home is the best for both your needs and your budget. Their skilled home designers will work with you to find the best way to combine your ideas and desires.

Steiner Homes Ltd. owner, Dan Steiner, spoke about their process, their passion and what sets them apart as Northwest Indiana’s top home builder.

“Customers will meet with our sales staff first,” said Steiner. “We have around 40 houses online so usually they’ll have something in mind. They come in and they’ll say, ‘oh I love this style but I want to make this room bigger and this room smaller.’ They have a general feel for what they want in a house and that sales person will write up a bunch of notes, and then take them to our design team. We’ll usually have 3-4 revisions throughout this process.”

“As soon as that’s done we give them the pricing right off the bat,” Steiner said. “Anything that’s outside of the normal sphere of what we do comes to me and I’ll work out the pricing for that. People can’t believe that we’ll build what they want and do it competitively. We do a few spec homes but we really will only do between four and five of those at a time.”

There are thousands of details that go into each and every home that Steiner Homes builds. (Dan) Steiner works with his sales and design teams to make the whole process as easy and enjoyable as possible for their customers.

“We try to turn it around with our design team in 3-4 days, then I’ll take around the same amount of time to price it and then it goes back to our sales team who will sit down with the client and work through the contract,” Steiner said.

“People love our process,” continued Steiner. “My wife says that every closing that she goes to, and she goes to probably 40 a year, that nobody has anything bad to say and I think that’s because I have an incredible staff. They take care of people and they’re honest with them.”

Along with a great team to guide you through the process, the warranty that Steiner Homes offers leaves customers comfortable about the future as well.

“We have an incredible warranty team as well so once we leave the house I think people feel really assured,” Steiner said. “You know, things happen and when we have a warranty issue we get it taken care of and we take care of our homes a lot longer than most builders do.”

“We just have fun selling homes!” Steiner concluded.

The attractiveness of a Steiner home, and how easy they make the home building process, means that they’re in high demand and constantly building. To find out more about Steiner Homes, visit their website at: