Stephanie Domazet engineers relationships with co-workers and community at General Insurance Services

Stephanie Domazet engineers relationships with co-workers and community at General Insurance Services

After working as a mill engineer in Florida and going to school for engineering and graphic design, General Insurance Services Vice President of Sales Stephanie Domazet decided when she moved back to Indiana that she wanted to search for something different. Working in the engineering industry did not satisfy her the way she had hoped, so she began speaking with people she knew and networked through her brother-in-law and other connections to discover where she would best fit.  

Through this networking, Domazet came across an agent who worked for General Insurance Services, and he thought she would be a good fit for the sales team. She then applied, got a job as a personal lines agent at General Insurance Services, and grew within the company over the past 16 years to reach her current position. 

While she was interviewing for jobs in multiple locations, the culture and people at General Insurance Services stood out as did the ability to chart out her future. 

“One of the things that drew me here was the possibility of being able to not only control my pay and my destiny to some degree through sales, but also the possibility of one day becoming an owner and helping to cultivate the agency in that way,” Domazet said. “That was a goal of mine from the very beginning, and I made that pretty clear. I became an owner of that agency about eight years ago.” 

A year and a half ago, Domazet came into her role, and she started managing other salespeople and helping them reach their goals rather than making the sales herself which felt like a natural fit for her. Beyond helping the salespeople at General Insurance Services, Domazet has enjoyed working with community members and serving the community. 

Domazet also enjoys supporting others to make sure their finances are covered correctly by educating them and helping them mitigate risks which lessens the chance of financial problems arising. Through that education and prevention, she is able to have financial conversations with piece of mind rather than anxiety. Domazet appreciates that General Insurances Services addresses needs both in and out of the office. 

“Our employees’ hearts are so large when it comes to our communities, and they're out there volunteering and helping because it's what they love,” she said. “They find the things that they're passionate about, and they get out there and they help. They do what matters most for these charities and organizations and all the stuff that makes the community go round, and I think that it is hugely impactful for us to be out there actually doing this stuff, not just talking about it.” 

In her 16 years at General Insurance Services, Domazet has enjoyed teaching others and watching them grow and then spending time with those people at staff events. 

“I think all of our family events that we do with our employees like the Christmas parties, the family picnics in the summer, or any event that we're doing like that where our employees get to bring their spouse or their family always garners great memories just with everybody being able to be together,” she said. “As we grow, we're not all able to see each other as much as we once were able, so these events just really give us the time to sit back and enjoy each other for who we are. I always enjoy those types of events.” 

When she isn’t at the office, Domazet enjoys spending time with her husband on their boat and playing watersports like waterskiing and wakeboarding with her kids. Her family enjoys trying new things and rarely vacations in the same spot twice. 

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