Steve Poulos Named Utilities Director for Valparaiso

Valparaiso-Vibrant-VisionarySteve Poulos has officially been named Utilities Director for the City of Valparaiso, announced Mayor Jon Costas. “We’re delighted to have someone of Steve’s extraordinary capabilities and character to lead our Utilities Department. We’ve benefited from Steve’s service for nearly two decades, but it is with pleasure that we announce that he is now our director,” said Costas.

Poulos is a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Biology. He joined the city in 1994 as Laboratory Director for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. He was named Utility Manager for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2002, and then Assistant Utilities Director in 2009. “I was given many opportunities to sharpen my teeth in different facets of utility operations,” said Poulos.

Poulos has made many contributions to the department, including facilitating the implementation of the Cartegraph Work Management System for the Utilities, significantly boosting efficiency. He led the way in optimization efforts that saved rate payers more than $2 million in operating costs and has also led two multi-million dollar expansion projects for the utility, substantially increasing service capacities and quality.

As part of our city leadership value of being creatively frugal, I have a burning desire to find efficiencies within our organization and for our rate payers without compromising compliance, safety and customer service,” said Poulos. “I’m also committed to advancing our Utilities staff as a proactive leader among peer cities.”

Poulos and wife, Sandi, live in Valparaiso with their three sons, Christos, Xander, and Evan.