Steve’s Deep Cuts: ‘Our Shining Moments’

Steve’s Deep Cuts: ‘Our Shining Moments’

“The ball is tipped…”

“And there you are…”

I am not sure how this song became the official anthem of one of the greatest traditional sporting events of all time, NCAA March Madness, but it has and here we are.

I have pretty much deduced that this cheesy ode to basketball, featuring a running piano beat that only the greatest elevator musicians of our generation could be proud of, has to be a running joke used by CBS executives to have a laugh at the end of what surely must be a frustrating and tiresome few weeks of work during the tournament,

Even with that joke in mind, every time I hear the song I feel like I’ve been on a month-long treasure hunt full of emotional and physical struggles, only at the end to find the shining box I have laid everything on the line for...empty.

Seriously, CBS, if you want to have a laugh but still give an inspiring ode to the thrill of victory, may I suggest this thrashing 80s anthem, ‘Win in the End’, which was featured as the montage soundtrack for one of the greatest upsets in basketball history: The Beavers over the Dragons.

But all this basketball, cheesy song aside, has me thinking hoops all day. Which is why this week’s Deep Cuts is an ode to some of the best basketball galleries we have on our site, and with that in mind…


That time the legends of East Chicago met on the hardwood.

This was one of the most fun events I have been a part of, and it was awesome to see how basketball could unite a community like that. And the photos, well, let’s just say the quality matched the experience.

The time the Crusaders took down the title.

This was another awesome event I got to be a part of: the 2015 Horizon League Final featuring Valpo. What I remember most about this event was the experience of picking up my media pass and knowing in that instance that I became a part of a special moment in Valparaiso’s history.

The time Portage and Valpo met at ‘the yard.’

This is a baseball gallery. This is also my article so I can really do what I want, and I liked these photos of Portage at the home of the Gary Railcats.

So there.

That time when La Porte and Valpo made for such cool colors

I like any time La Porte plays Valpo in basketball. I like basketball, but I also like the green of the Vikings intermixing with that powerful orange of the Slicers. It makes for some cool shots, just check them out yourself.

“The article’s done…”

“And there you are…”

Come back next week to see if our plea for a new NCAA anthem was heard by the big shots down in Indy.

Until then, Deep Cuts, out.