Steve’s Deep Cuts: To Those Who Win in the End

Deepcuts12There’s a big movie about superheroes coming out tonight. I am not going to see it because my heart will always pull for Batman, but my mind can’t comprehend how someone whose punch once shattered the moon could engage in a fight with anyone that lasted longer than a second.

Apparently, this movie is about 11,500 seconds longer than that, so my only guess is there’s a subplot in which Bernie Sanders seeks to destroy Bruce Wayne only to be saved by the masked one-percenter later on in the movie.

And that’s not politics, just poetic justice.

Batman Versus Superman shows us something, though. The reason a fight between a man whose punching power is harnessed from the sun and a rich guy with a few gadgets can last almost four hours is because of one simple point: it’s not real, it’s fantasy.

The GOOD news in all of this is that heroes do exist, and we have been fortunate enough to share their stories across the network.

Without further ado, “NWIndiana Heroes: The Deep Cuts Version”:

That Time Officer Paul Czupryn Saved Valpo

This guy might just be a superhero. What he did on July 4 saved a community, and the Medal of Valor awarded to him in this article has never been more deserved.

That Time Kyle Met His Hero

Jerry Davich is the hero of Gary; a longtime supporter and fighter for his hometown. I guess you could call him the “Real Man of Steel,” pending trademark. Jerry also happens to be LIFER Kyle’s hero, and the opportunity for my man Kyle to sit down with him and learn about the passion and process of writing about what one loves has been a true gift to him.

That Time Danny and Andrew Saved a Life

A young man’s heart had given out at the Portage YMCA. A hero was needed at that moment, and luckily a couple of them were there in the form of St. Mary Medical Center’s Danny Gonzalez and Portage Y’s Andrew Zimmer. Shoutout to these two for doing what was needed to be done without blinking an eye in the process.

That Time a Cheerleader Inspired a Region

Nothing in life can, or will, ever stop Michigan City High School’s Libby Heath from doing what she loves. That statement is true today, and it will be true tomorrow. Her commitment to doing what she loves is what makes her a true hero.

A few housecleaning notes to round out this week’s Deep Cuts:

- It does not appear as if the NCAA has heeded our call to make “Win in the End” the official anthem of March Madness, yet. There’s still time to make a difference and let the big wigs down in Indy know we mean business.

- In the 1/29 posting of Deep Cuts I used a Sheryl Crow lyric in the title. This has haunted me for quite some time now so I figured I would get it off my chest, own up to this, and apologize.

And that is that.

Deep Cuts, out.




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