Steve’s Deep Cuts: When the House Falls, Pick Up a Brick

Steve’s Deep Cuts: When the House Falls, Pick Up a Brick
By: Steven Neville Last Updated: May 20, 2016

The funny part about life are those little moments, I call them “awakenings,” when things become clearer. They usually become clearer after “sleepenings,” as I call them. Sleepenings are those moments in life when you are running in high gear for so much time and then realize your parking brake is still up.

In between sleepenings and awakenings there are those “foggy” periods where everything that piled up while you were sleeping all the sudden surrounds you and you have a choice:

Go back to bed, or tackle “the day” head on; piece by piece and brick by brick.

If you’re from Hobart, it’s always brick by brick.

Take Brickie Bowl for example, an iconic football stadium in Hobart, once named one of ESPN’s top High School Football Fields in the country. It’s been home to legendary seasons, state champion teams, and is the undying heart of the community.

Brickie Bowl closed some time ago, but it never died; its undying heart instead sat, beating, waiting to become alive again.

And the revival is on…

Hundreds, if not thousands of people will be at the Brickie Bowl this weekend to raise funds to rebuild the classic home to Hobart Football that carries with it the echoes of legends and inspiration for the future.

It’s a community revival, something that could only happen in towns like Hobart, where everyone is all-in on one goal; a community that understands stadiums are built one brick at a time.

I had an awakening today, and instead of running to hide, I picked up a brick.