STOP! In the Name of Steindler

STOP! In the Name of Steindler
By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: June 8, 2017

When we think of signs, our minds usually go straight to the red and white octagon we see at every intersection. We think of the window sign for the local shop down the street or we wait for a sign to tell us to make a move, but I am telling you to STOP that thinking and choose Steindler Signs & Graphix.

The STOP sign is a thing of the past, when signs now come in graphics, vehicles wraps, have 3D letters, are made of wood, alumalite, foam, and can be made into a monument 100 feet high!

With Steindler, everything and anything is possible and some Northwest Indiana businesses and organizations recently took advantage of the endless possibilities!

Clawdia’s Beauty Salon in downtown Valparaiso loved Steindler’s idea of utilizing the existing base and created a hanging bracket for a foam sign. The sign is classy and fashionable and perfect for a beauty-based business!

After an unfortunate accident between a car and their ground level sign, Steindler remade the sign cabinet for businesses within Thornapple Plaza in Valpo. Read legibly and clearly enough to hinder anymore crashes includes the following names: Regional Development Company, Wee Care, Ross Hearing Center, Heritage Lake Dental, Wingtip Aviation, Salon Diva and Spa, and Bart Vickrey & Co. Real Estate.

The rescue truck used by the Lowell Fire Department just got a new makeover as well. Thanks to Steindler’s wraps, the new truck is shining in new red, white, and gold lettering and stripes. They may not even need the blaring horns and lights when heading to an accident, the glossy, shiny LFD emblem is bright enough for warning!

And, for an old-school place, in both time and their products sold, Roxy Music Shop in La Porte just signed with Steindler to update their new window signs and graphics. That electric guitar in the window looks even better than when Jimi Hendrix played it on stage.

Finally, how can you make a dump truck look cool? I did not think it was possible until seeing the boulder-decorated wrap, spreading from one end to the opposite side of a Gift Septic Service vehicle. You look at this, and there is no doubt: Steindler Signs truly rocks!

These are just some of the ways Steindler Signs & Graphix has updated, upgraded, and modernized the “sign.” Whether it is just a business sign or the stand-out Good News Driver wrapped car, Steindler Signs can make anything possible because a sign is more than just words and pictures. A sign is your brand being promoted to the world.

Steindler wants to show you and your business off, so think it over before you break their heart. STOP in the name of Steindler and let them design the perfect sign!

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