Stop.Drop.Rewind Headlines Open Mic Night

By: Stop the Hush Last Updated: May 4, 2012

Stop-Drop-RewindStop.drop.rewind is hosting open mic night for the local non-profit Stop the Hush. Join us May 9th, 2012 at 7 p.m. at Uptown Café located at 1400 E. Lincolnway Ave in Valparaiso.

What is Stop the Hush?

Stop the Hush is a non-profit movement dedicated to giving a voice to people who are struggling with drug addiction, people thinking about using, to the parents who don't know who to turn to, to peers who see their friends using or considering using, to a community who has struggled to discuss a growing issue, and to people who have recovered from addiction.

Stop the Hush exists to encourage, inform, and inspire people to communicate the struggle of drug addiction.

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About the Band
Stop.drop.rewind is a progressive/power pop band based out of Valparaiso; fronted by bassist Kris Lohn, guitarist DJ Crenson, guitarist Jake Halpin, and drummer James Hamilton. Fans can immediately notice a special synergy flowing from the group, driven by each member’s passion for music and years of experience together. Lohn and Crenson have been in a variety of groups, playing nonstop together since they met in the 6th grade in 2000.