StoryPoint Goes The Distance: Helping A Resident’s Dream Come True

StoryPoint Goes The Distance: Helping A Resident’s Dream Come True

When a resident said she was only one state away from her goal of visiting all 50 states, the team at StoryPoint Chesterton knew exactly what to do. 

Keep reading to learn more about Audrey and the StoryPoint Chesterton team’s trip to Maine and get a glimpse at moments from the trip in the video below. 

Audrey’s Journey

Audrey has lived at StoryPoint Chesterton for two and a half years, and during that time, residents, employees and visitors alike have come to know her as funny, friendly and kind. When she reflects on the past two and a half years, Audrey says the people she has met have made her golden years even more enjoyable. Those unexpected relationships and friendships are what Audrey cherishes most.  

Throughout Audrey’s life, she has always loved to travel. Though she may favor the mountains and picturesque landscapes of Colorado, Audrey has been thankful to travel all throughout the United States. When Audrey shared that she was just one state short of completing her goal of visiting all 50 states, the staff at StoryPoint Chesterton got to planning. 

Audrey’s 50th State

“I cried because I never thought it would happen,” Audrey said, on the moment she found out that she and a team from StoryPoint Chesterton would be boarding a plane and traveling to Maine — the last state Audrey had left to see. 

As soon as they landed, Audrey and the team wasted no time before they started site seeing. From visiting The Portland Pier to shopping at local stores and (per Audrey’s request!) eating lobster at seafood restaurants like Luke’s every day, the trip was filled with all the best Maine had to offer. 

The group even saw whales breaching off the coast at the Acadia National Park. Though each moment of the trip was special in its own way, Audrey had never seen whales before, and she was able to cross off another experience from her bucket list. It was a magical moment for Audrey and the team to share, and it quickly became Audrey’s favorite part of their trip.

Take A Closer Look

StoryPoint Chesterton is grateful for residents like Audrey, and they were honored to be a part of making her dream to visit all 50 states come true.  

Throughout their journey, Audrey and the team at StoryPoint Chesterton documented their trip and all the fun they had along the way. Take a look!