StoryPoint Looks Forward to Helping Seniors Shine Everyday with New Community in Chesterton

StoryPoint Looks Forward to Helping Seniors Shine Everyday with New Community in Chesterton

The Chesterton community can look forward to a new establishment in the spring of 2018. That’s right, Chesterton is getting a new community, and not just any; a StoryPoint community.

StoryPoint and their sister brand Independence Village boast 35 years of experience in senior living with multiple communities across Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. The community promises to be an exciting place for seniors, providing multiple amenities, luxuries, and top of the line care.

“We inspire and empower seniors and their families to Shine. Everyday,” explained Irina Olgart, the Marketing Team Lead for StoryPoint.

The community will be offering independent and enhanced living services for its future residents, two services that they feel are needed in the Chesterton community.

“Independent living is truly for an independent resident, someone who is very active. The main differences when you get into enhanced is that there is something that the resident needs a little extra care with,” explained Olgart.

In addition to the care opportunities, the community will offer ways to keep the residents active and engaged within the community.

“We are going to offer courtyards and walking paths for the residents. We want them to be active,” said Olgart. “We’re going to have different activity rooms with cooking demonstrations.”

Those cooking demonstrations lead into one of the main concerns for people moving into a retirement community: The Food. No one gets excited for a bland meal, which is why StoryPoint works to create beautiful, appetizing, and special meals for residents. Even better, meals are available in more than just a community dining room. They boast the Candlewick Bistro, Prime Thyme, and a food truck!

“Our kitchens are unbelievable. They are top notch kitchens that are being built at 4 and 5 star restaurants,” explained Olgart. “Prime Thyme dining room is a restaurant style dining with several options every night. There’s several options to make it like a true restaurant experience.”

It’s obvious that the food is something to look forward to at StoryPoint, but what about the lifestyle? Living at StoryPoint promises to be an active, engaging experience for those who wish to be involved. Their Life Enrichment team works hard to ensure the monthly calendar is full of events and new opportunities for residents.

“Throughout the community, we have different activity rooms in enhanced and independent living that offer a full cooking demo kitchen, lecture series, and if anyone's family members need to rent out the room for a celebration, we have that space. We also have a library and business center for residents to be able to go in and take classes, learn how to use tablets or iPhones. In this day and age we try to encourage that because they want to spend time with grandkids and the only way they can do that is to move forward with setting up their devices,” said Olgart.

As StoryPoint brings its presence into the Chesterton community, they’re also being sure to bring their sense of giving back with them. In other locations they’re known for their sense of giving and involvement in the surrounding community.

“We want to sponsor things we know the community will be vital in, basketball or little league, or even just providing lunches through our food truck. It’s all about those little deeds that we believe everyone should be doing,” said Olgart.

This community promises to be a great addition to Chesterton, and will provide employment opportunities as well as a much needed service through their independent and enhanced living services.

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