StoryPoint of Chesterton to Offer Independent and Enhanced Living Options for Residents

StoryPoint of Chesterton to Offer Independent and Enhanced Living Options for Residents

StoryPoint Senior Living in Chesterton is already providing great activities to the community. Through community outreach, visits from the Friendly Fork food truck, and other fun events, they’re introducing themselves to Northwest Indiana in a big way.

The question remains, though: what can be expected once they officially open their doors? Not to worry—the fun won’t stop once their doors open up, but here’s a bit of information on the living options they’ll have available!

Independent Living
At StoryPoint, it’s all about choices. Without locked doors, curfews, or specified meal times, freedom is given to those who live there. Residents are able to set their schedules, come and go as they please, and live without restrictions.

Independent Living includes dinner each day, and the options are plenty. Providing a truly restaurant-like experience is important at StoryPoint, but so is independence. That’s why Independent Living options also have a kitchen that allows residents to cook their own meals and prepare snacks as they see fit.

Those fun events we talked about earlier? There will be plenty of them and more! Calendars for the community are filled with activities, excursions, exercise, gardening, or watching the game! A dull moment will be unheard of at StoryPoint.

Additionally, residents can enjoy transportation, housekeeping services, or assistance with other tasks. Independent living is for those who truly like to stay active and come and go!

Enhanced Living
Enhanced living may not be a term you’ve heard often, but it’s an amazing option that StoryPoint offers. Independence is still valued in this living option, but a bit of support is given where residents request it, adding only what’s needed for a comfortable life.

Need medication reminders? Assistance with cleaning the apartment? Is cooking just a bit too much work? That’s where enhanced living comes in! The enhanced living apartments feature a few more amenities to help residents remain comfortable, including three meals a day.

Comfort is important, and StoryPoint believes that each resident’s apartment should match their life. They offer studios and larger apartments to provide options for everyone. Laundry services with eco-friendly laundry rooms, transportation, and a bit of help getting to the dining room are all options for those in the enhanced living apartments.

There’s no doubt about it, the StoryPoint community in Chesterton is bound to bring a fantastic opportunity to anyone needing independent or enhanced living options. With community givebacks, plenty of activities, and excellent culinary experiences, residents are sure to feel right at home in this brand-new community. Stay tuned and give their sales center a call at (219) 364-6852 or visit their website to learn more and schedule a tour!