Strack & Van Til Announces Final Results of 2016 Campaign to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Strack & Van Til Announces Final Results of 2016 Campaign to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
By: Strack & Van Til Last Updated: May 19, 2016

On May 19, 2016, Strack & Van Til put an exclamation point on an important campaign that ran during the month of April to benefit St. Jude Children’s’ Research Hospital at all Strack & Van Til, Ultra Foods and Town and Country stores. Leaders from St Jude Children’s Hospital, Miller Coors and Indiana Beverage met at the Highland based offices of Strack & Van Til to celebrate the win.

In partnership with Miller Coors, Indiana Beverage and the NWI Times, Strack & Van Til raised $50,096 dollars for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, surpassing the lofty goal of $40,000 and outperforming last year’s campaign totals in a big way.

The campaign was part of Strack & Van Til’s ongoing “Checkout Challenge” that allows shoppers the choice to donate right at checkout. Since August of 2015, the Checkout Challenge campaign has helped to raise nearly $500,000 for organizations that help those in need, 100% of which goes directly to the organizations themselves.

“We operate in the best communities in the country” said Chris Bengtson VP of Public Relations for Strack & Van Til. “It’s clear that our community is also a huge supporter of what St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does. Without them, this simply would not have happened. We couldn’t be happier with the result and can’t thank our shoppers enough for all that they did to help these children and their families”.

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