Strack & Van Til, Carando and Frontline Foundations Connect to Make a Difference

Strack-and-Van-Til-Carando-and-Frontline-Foundations-Connect-to-Make-a-Difference_01At an event held at the Chesterton Strack & Van Til and through the support of Carando Foods, Strack & Van Til and Carando donated $1,000 to Frontline Foundations as part of the “Carando Cares” campaign. Frontline Foundation is a certified substance abuse treatment center in Chesterton and La Porte, that provides hope to young adults and their families through the support of the community and donations like this one.

“It’s an important topic [substance abuse] and what Frontline has accomplished for these folks is nothing short of miraculous. We’re proud to partner with Carando Foods and provide Frontline with a donation to help kick start their fundraising efforts for September’s Hooked on Art Festivalin Chesterton” said Chris Bengtson VP at Strack & Van Til. “My family and I attended the festival last year for the first time not knowing what to expect and were blown away by the atmosphere and artists. It’s just a great event that benefits a great mission”.

Strack-and-Van-Til-Carando-and-Frontline-Foundations-Connect-to-Make-a-Difference_02Hooked on Art is the Frontline’s biggest event of the year and all proceeds go to support the mission of hope for young men and women suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. This year’s event will be held in downtown Chesterton on September 24th.