Strack & Van Til Presents Generous Donation to NWI Law Enforcement Academy


Every week the Police Chiefs of Lake and Porter County conduct a meeting as the District 1 Law Enforcement Council. Recently they reached out to the corporation of Strack & Van Til, in search of a new location to gather. Today, Friday the 18th of September, is their first day meeting in the Strack’s office of Highland. The Police and Strack celebrated with a BBQ luncheon and a Corporate donation.

For having such a heavy job, police officers possess such a light hearted demeanor. The conference room was filled with witty anecdotes, bellowing laughter, and the sweet yet smoky scent of BBQ slathered meat.

Just before the meeting itself began, Strack & Van Til CEO Ken Diehl rose to speak a few words to the assembled Police Chiefs.

“Firstly,” he said, “I want to say how safe I feel right now.” His joke was appreciated by the men before him, both for its humor and its honesty. These Police Chiefs have dedicated their entire lives to making sure we feel safe in our homes and our cities.

“I’m honored,” he continued, “that you guys are here. I don’t want you to have to pay a dime. If you guys want to have your meetings here every month, we’ll feed you. I’m just so thankful for all you guys do.”

Strak and Van Til Chief Operating Officer Chris Bengston said that when the District 1 Law Enforcement Council came to them for a location, Strack’s as a company wanted to do more. Budgeting, they knew, is always a problem for police departments everywhere.

“We realize the need for trained officers and what a struggle that is. We want to help. They are a big part of the community.”

So Strack and Van Til donated $2500 to the NWI Law Enforcement Academy. They handed over a giant check at today’s luncheon, a gesture that was given and received with much gratitude.

Bengston could not express his admiration of the Police Department enough.

“Whatever we can do to support what they’re trying to accomplish.”