Strack & VanTil: Locally Owned with Local Products

Strack & VanTil: Locally Owned with Local Products

From the start in 1959, Strack & Van Til Food Markets have been committed to serving the highest quality foods through a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. In keeping that promise, the company also believes in the value of offering local products.

“We feel it is important to support local farmers, microbreweries, and products because it not only helps local business, but it is sustainable,” said Michael Tyson, Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer for Strack & Van Til. “It is better for the environment and all parties involved.”

There are several reasons to buy local foods and products. To start, buying and eating food that’s grown locally is overall better for your health. Within 24-hours of being picked, fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients. Locally grown food is picked at its peaked ripeness - providing more nutrients and is fresher at time of purchase.

Tyson said produce alone, Strack & Van Till offers more than 20 items produced in Indiana. The list includes asparagus, celery, cucumbers, green beans, pickles, seedless watermelons and much more!

Produce isn’t the only category with local offerings. In the dairy and grocery departments, customers can find items from Valpo Velvet, Fair Oaks, Pleasant View Dairy, Red Gold, Big Guy BBQ, Scoville Brothers, Nuevo Leon, Hair of the Ferret, Vitner’s Snacks and more.

Local support doesn’t stop there. The food market also carries beer from a few different breweries. Off Square Brewing, St. John Malt Brothers, Devils Trumpet, Shorline Brewing, and By-Way Brewing are a few of the local favorites you can find at their stores. Don’t worry wine-fanatics, they have you covered with options from Easley and Oliver Winery.

Tyson noted for 2019, customers can expect to see even more local products within their stores. For more information on Strack & Van Til and the products they offer, visit