Strawberry Fields Angus Beef Promises Quality Lunch at Value Price

Strawberry Fields Angus Beef Promises Quality Lunch at Value Price
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: January 31, 2019

With a name like Strawberry Fields Pancake House, it is easy for hungry breakers of the fast to expect quality pancakes, waffles, and other morning classics. What they might not realize is that Strawberry Fields also cooks up some of the best lunch in the Region. Sitting at the peak of the lunch menu is their 1/2 pound burger. Made with Angus beef, it is the perfect nod to the all-American classic burger. Angus is a word frequently tossed about when discussing or ordering burgers and steaks, and it is easy to assume that it is a specific grade or class of meat, but that is not strictly the case. So what exactly is Angus beef and why is Strawberry Fields offering it so unique?

The name for the beef originally comes from the Scottish Angus Cattle, which is now bred worldwide. The key feature of beef from Angus cattle is that it develops better marbling than most other meats. That means it has more of an evenly-distributed fat content, leading to improved flavor, tenderness, and moisture. Marbling is how the U.S. Department of Agriculture grades the quality of meats, and for something to be called Certified Angus Beef, the USDA must grade it as either Prime or Choice, the top two categories.

Not all Angus beef is Certified Angus but the natural qualities of the breed mean that it is much more likely to make the cut. It is even possible for Angus products in general to be higher quality than the certified brand, because some of it may come from a breed of Red Angus cattle not officially recognized by the American Angus Association due largely to its rarity.

So when you order the 1/2 pound burger at Strawberry Fields, you can rest easy knowing that the kitchen is striving for the highest level of quality. It will be cooked just the way you like it, and comes with the classic toppings of your choice.

Of course, Angus burgers are not your only option for a good lunch at Strawberry Fields. From simple classics like grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, to house salads such as the Strawberry Field Green - which mixes fresh lettuce, raisins, strawberries, and grilled chicken in a Raspberry vinaigrette - they strive to satisfy any kind of craving. Other options include Greek stylings like kabobs and gyros, Tex-Mex such as quesadillas and the southwest chicken sandwich, and much more.

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