Strawberry Fields Pancake House Puts Family, Community, and Comfort Food Back into Sunday Brunch

Strawberry Fields Pancake House Puts Family, Community, and Comfort Food Back into Sunday Brunch

Over the last few years, the popularity of brunch has exploded into an Internet bonanza. The meal has become less about eating and more about posing for photos meant to go straight to social media feeds. So, Strawberry Fields Pancake House has gone back to the brunching basics: companionship and a good meal bridging breakfast and lunch. On any given Saturday, the cozy restaurant is filled with families and friends chatting over coffee and comfort food.

The plates arrive full, but the prices come slim. Unlike trendy boutique spots that cater to Instagram filters, Strawberry Fields Pancake House offers satisfying and affordable meals that cater to everyone. The family-owned restaurant serves breakfast all day— a stroke of luck for those late risers that crave bacon and eggs past noon.

As its title suggests, Strawberry Fields Pancake House whips up a mean pancake; “flavor-bursting” toppings include everything from sweet treats like chocolate chips to tart fruit like peaches and cinnamon apples. The Strawberry Field French Toast is an instant classic: delicious French toast filled with sweetened cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Georgia Les, a manager at Strawberry Fields, said that while the breakfast items are hugely popular, the lunch menu also delivers.

“You really can’t go wrong with any of the sandwiches or salads here,” Les said. “But you can never go wrong with breakfast food, either!”

Strawberry Fields Pancake House is known for catering to everyone’s taste; Mom can get the Ruby Reuben, while Dad can order the Meat Lover’s Skillet. Variety is the key to the extensive menu. Breakfast covers all grounds, from the delicious waffles, blintzes, and crepes to the savory omelets, skillets, and frittatas. Lunch promises a full belly with burgers, wraps, fresh salads, and soups. The section on the menu called “A Little Touch of Greece” even offers kabobs.

The specials only enhance the choices. For instance, every Monday and Friday, coffee is free with any breakfast entrée, and there’s currently a Steak Skillet on special.

Little ones are given as warm of a welcome as regular paying patrons. Each time a child walked through the door, Les was waiting with crayons and coloring placemats. The menu even includes treats especially appealing to the younger set, from milkshakes to slices of watermelon that come with some meals, two perfect summer treats for kids.

“All summer, we’ve been milkshake makers,” Les laughed, pointing at the section on the menu advertising milkshakes. “The kids love the milkshakes!”

Cultivating a welcoming environment through hospitality and comfort food is just one of Strawberry Field’s appeals. Les said it’s this balance that makes the restaurant special.

“There’s a really friendly and inviting vibe you get when you walk in,” Les said.

Next time someone wants to enjoy a delicious and relaxing brunch again, invite them to Strawberry Fields Pancake House. No filters necessary.

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