Students from Purdue University Calumet Walk for MS in 2015

Students-from-Purdue-University-Calumet-Walk-for-MS-in-2015The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Walk was held at Wicker Park in Highland, Indiana today with students from Purdue University Calumet joining the cause.

The students are part of Clover Connection Consulting (CCC) affiliated with Purdue Calumet which is a public relations firm dedicated in conducting a communication audit for a client.

Clover Connection Consulting walked to help raise money for those with MS to gain more research programs and other ways to make their daily lives better.

“MS is a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves which can disrupt the flow of information between the brain and the body,” CEO of CCC Jenelle Devries mentions.

More than 79 cents out of every dollar from fundraising events and programs goes to people living with MS.

“My sister was diagnosed with MS when she was 26 years old, said the advisor for CCC’s student-led firm Deanna Francoeur-Schmidt.

“She has learned to live with the daily pain in her legs and writes down things because her memory is not a good as it once was.”

“Over 2 million people worldwide are affected by MS.” Devries learned, “The cause is unknown and they have yet to find a cure.”

Organizations interested in a communication audit presented by Clover Connection Consulting should call (219)-230-6501.