Students Hungry for the School Year Thanks to Indiana University Northwest Welcome Week

Students Hungry for the School Year Thanks to Indiana University Northwest Welcome Week

Indiana University Northwest is having a Welcome Week jamboree for new and returning students. The event is three days long, having started on Monday and ending on Wednesday.

Each day is a new fun experience for the students and curious teachers. On Tuesday, the seniors were eager to get new members to join their clubs. From Criminal Justice club to Anthropology club, the students had their pick of whose ranks to join.

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Javier Heridia is the head coach of the RedHawks, IUN’s men's basketball team. He actively promotes student activities while also making sure that the students succeed. Heridia's goal is to get every student involved in at least one club this year.

"I just love being out here mingling with the students, welcoming them back to school, and encouraging students to get involved," said Heridia.

College is one of the best times of your life, where you make strong friendships and can become apart of the community. Joseph Jansky, President of the Student Association, wants the students to feel as if they belong here.

"It's a great way for students to try to find ways to get involved," said Jansky. "The whole purpose of this event is to get students involved with campus activities and affairs. Sometimes students just come to class then go home. But there is a campus life, and I want students to really embrace this part of their lives."

Hungry Hippos was a board game where a child would play as a hippo and try to "eat" as many balls as they could. The campus set up a real-life Hungry Hippos chow down game where the students raced to collect the balls. After strapping themselves in a harness, the games began. The students had a blast competing against one another.

The student activities board set up the Back to School week. Fulltime student Ray Ojel, who is apart of the club, is ecstatic about the event.

"I love that this helps students to connect with each other and meet new clubs that interest them," Ojel said.

During Ojel's first year, he met a lot of good people just by coming to the annual jamboree.

"It's awesome and we have a lot of cool attractions; it's a lot of fun!" he said.

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