Success Never Ends for Century 21 Alliance Group’s Christian Kerr

Success Never Ends for Century 21 Alliance Group’s Christian Kerr

Success. The singular driving force that propels humans beyond their limits and into a realm of achievement. For some, its a never ending chase to find this elusive facet of life.

For others like Century 21 Alliance Group's Christian Kerr, success is an essential component of his life. His life is one success after another that always keeps him moving on to a new goal.

"I first became interested in real estate after high school," says Kerr. "My mother was a manager at a Century 21 and it was an inspiration for me to always look up to. She actually was the one who suggested that I get one of my first jobs at Century 21."

Kerr attended the Chicago Academy for the Arts to study acting but soon turned his sights on real estate with a focus on the mortgage industry, leading him on a career path from a loan processor to originator to AE Manager.

"All of this was kind of a natural progression for me," says Kerr. "There was never a specific plan, it was just a natural progression of choice."

This eventually led him to the position of Managing Director for a finance firm that traded secondary market portfolios. This string of success eventually led him to close on high-value transactions ranging from single family homes to $30 million time-share portfolios.

"This was all before the 2005 and 2006 real estate collapse," says Kerr. "After the collapse happened, I was left re-evaluating my career and how I fit into real estate."

During this time, Kerr was in contact with his friend who ran a construction company in Indiana and requested help. Kerr made a move to Indiana to help his friend and at the same time, with a vast amount of knowledge, decided to re-enter the real estate market and ended up eventually finding his way to Century 21 Alliance Group.

"This really was appropriate and represented a full circle," says Kerr. "I started at Century 21 and now am able to continue my career here."

Kerr currently works at Alliance Group with a speciality in empirical and data analytics. When Kerr isn't working at his job, he's busy continuing his long list of successes by training for the 2020 Olympics and developing his own non-profit: Champions of a Cause.

"I'm currently training for the 5K and 10K track events for the Olympics," says Kerr. "With Champions of a Cause I'm dedicated to running this organization which empowers women and children affected by domestic violence."

Kerr feels that while perfection may be a never ending pursuit, his daily grind comes without regret.

"I feel that everything I do lines up with everything in my life," says Kerr. "When I go home, there's no need for me to decompress. The decisions come easy. There are days when I dread getting up and running 5 miles, but I know I can do it. My goal is to always be the best I can be as an individual and I hope I can bring that drive and success to Century 21 Alliance Group."