Summer Care Tips for Your Skin

Quick-Fixes-Summer-Skin-Bummers-1Summer Skin Care for Blemishes

Do you find blemishes and breakouts are more common in summer? One explanation is that sweat can mix with dirt and oil on your skin and clog your pores. Another is that some sunscreen formulations may clog pores, too.

The solution to this summer skin and beauty issue is to look for skin and beauty products that are non-comedogenic, or won't block pores. Also, try not to use your hands to constantly wipe sweat off your brow — you could actually be introducing more dirt to the area. Cleanse with a non-drying acne wash and lukewarm water to keep skin clear.

Note: Some acne medications can make your skin particularly sensitive to the sun's ultraviolet rays; you'll do better if you have it "made in the shade."Quick-Fixes-Summer-Skin-Bummers-2

Summer Skin Care for Feet

A pedicure will leave your feet looking terrific in summer sandals, right? Well, pedicures can pose a health risk if the nail salon you frequent doesn't adhere to proper sanitation standards — you could contract a fungal infection or even a staph infection.

Ask about the procedures they follow. Also, request a hands-off policy regarding cuticles and heavy nail buffing to protect the integrity of your nails.

Summer Skin Care for Low Humidity

When the temperature soars, the only relief may be staying indoors in air conditioning. The problem with air conditioning is that it pulls the humidity out of the air, and that can dry out your skin, or worsen an existing dry skin condition.

Running a humidifier will put moisture back in the air. Other quick tips are to take short showers in lukewarm (not hot) water and slather on the body cream as soon as you get out. Stay hydrated from the inside, too, by drinking lots of water.