Summer Savings Tips You Can Use Now

Summer Savings Tips You Can Use Now

With the rise in gas prices, groceries and most purchased goods, Summer 2022 may be a key summer to dial in your spending habits and make some easy changes to save a few pennies. Need some ideas to jumpstart your summer of savings? Check out the following tips and give them a try.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioning

By being aware of the weather, you can actually save money by adjusting your use of your air conditioner, saving you money on your utility bill. Consider a programmable thermostat to adjust temperatures when you are away from your home. Dial up the temperature that kicks on your air conditioner on cooler days and nights and open up your windows to take advantage of Mother Nature’s free air conditioning. Utilize your ceiling and other fans to circulate air in your home, reducing the load on your air conditioner to keep your home cool.

Cook Outside

Getting Dad a grill for Father’s Day? Here’s a great reason to let Dad do the cooking, as it will reduce the use of your oven or stovetop in your home, thus reducing the heat produced in the home. Get creative using some new recipes that are grill friendly, and consider making it a full outside dining experience when you can.

Dry Your Laundry Outside

If your neighborhood association does not have any restrictions on clothes lines, consider installing one and using it during the warmer weather months. Your clothes will smell like fresh air, and your dryer won’t be pumping heat into your home. 

Take Advantage of Extended Evenings

Reduce the amount of electricity used in your home by getting outside during the extra daylight hours to walk, play games, ride bikes or just enjoy the cooler evening. Consider using the longer daylight hours to bike or walk to work if you can, or even pick up a side-gig walking dogs, mowing lawns or other activities that will help you make money. 

Replace Your Air Conditioner Filters

By replacing your air conditioner filters, you increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, and you reduce its power use. It’s a simple maintenance activity that often gets overlooked, but it can save you money over the life of the air conditioner. 

Plan Ahead for Future Garden and Home Improvement Projects

As summer comes to a close, it’s a great time to save on the supplies you’ll need for those future projects. Sit down and make a plan, make a list of supplies, and look for sales. Landscape plants, tools, and other outdoor project materials tend to go on sale as people begin to look toward autumn and spending less time outside.

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