Support the LimeLights and get Domino’s Pizza deals with Slice the Price card

Support the LimeLights and get Domino’s Pizza deals with Slice the Price card

Help yourself to Domino's Pizza and help us support a great cause: our LimeLights kids

Don't miss out on this great deal from our Domino's Pizza Fundraiser Slice the Price Card! A purchase of the $10 card means a donation of $5 to the LimeLights. You can get a full payback return on your donation with your first order. Donate online and receive your card in the mail. Cards are valid until June 30, 2021. This opportunity ends on September 2nd and is redeemable at all Domino's Pizza locations in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte County!

Here are the details on the back of the card:

Your generous support will help us transform our former costume shop at MOH into education space and classrooms for our Youth Theatre Program, The LimeLights. You can help by purchasing a Slice the Price Card. With this card, every time you buy a large pizza at menu price, you get a large pizza free from Domino's. Use the card for multiple purchases (buy 5 get 5, buy 8 get 8) and use the card as many times as you want until 6/30/2021. We mail the cards directly to you!

BONUS OPPORTUNITIES: Share this email or these links with family and friends for opportunities to earn even more! Rack the clock: the participant who has sold the most Slice the Price cards by 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday will get a $50 Amazon gift card if we have sold at least 100 cards as a group. Compete against other groups running the fundraiser to win Bonus Cash on the Leaderboard! For every 12 cards that you sell, you will receive 1 card FREE! Sell 36 cards and get 3 cards FREE!