Surgery at Porter Regional Hospital

Surgery-at-PorterFrom the Summer 2012 StayHealthy publication

The future is now for patients coming to Porter Regional Hospital for surgery. The number of surgery suites has grown. They are larger and well equipped with new surgical innovations.

In and Around the OR

The surgery suites, or operating rooms, at Porter Regional Hospital are much larger than before to accommodate equipment necessary for the many complex surgeries performed. Patient and employee safety were also high on the list when designing the department. In the suites, there are no cords whatsoever on the floor. Instead, all of the monitors hang from a customized ceiling boom that can be moved around the patient as required. In addition, the gasses used by the anesthesiologist are delivered from ceiling mounted hoses.

Of the 12 surgical suites, two are designated for orthopedic spine surgery, two for cardiac surgeries, two for robotic surgery and one for cystoscopy procedures. All 12 have completely new equipment. Now the staff can move equipment in and out by using a pneumatic device for efficiency. Also on the second floor is an advanced endovascular surgical suite to treat patients with certain pulmonary or gastrointestinal conditions.

But changes haven't just occurred in the surgery suites. The 28 pre- and post-op rooms and completely private, and the patient can recover there for up to 24 hours without having to be admitted or moved from the area. And, instead of recovering from anesthesia in a large ward-type room, each patient is in their own private bay.

Behind the Scenes

What many patients and visitors won't see, but what is at the heart of surgery at Porter Regional Hospital, is the technology that supports its skilled physicians.

The hospital recently invested in a second da Vinci robotic surgical system, which is currently used by general surgeons, urologists and gynecologists and has applications for several other specialties. Additionally, all physicians who do minimally invasive surgery now have the advantage of being able to view the procedure on high-definition digital video monitors. Along with this upgrade, all scopes used in the procedures are more sophisticated.

For women with uterine fibroids or polyps, Porter Regional Hospital just unveiled a new system that can remove them without harming the uterine lining. A feature that is especially important if a woman wants to have children in the future.

Out of the OR

Adjacent efficiencies are located throughout Porter, and the surgery area is no exception. Should the need arise, patients can be moved directly to the surgical and cardiac intensive care unit or the medical intensive care unit by way of a dedicated hallway.

The ICU and surgical waiting area is spacious with windows facing the hospital grounds and a private room designed for physician/family consultation. Family can also see exactly where their family member is in the surgery process by means of a special tracking board.

For those who want to move away from the waiting area to a slightly more social and comfortable environment, Jazzman's Cafe and Bakery, complete with Wi-Fi and surrounding seating area, is conveniently located on the same floor, making it easy to grab a light snack or beverage.