Take Part in the 2015 Walk to End Lupus

lupus-walk-2015Everyone is fighting some sort of battle every day. It could be emotional, societal, physical, or a combination as one can mess with the others. It can seem like a hopeless struggle, but the reality is that anything worth having is never easy to obtain. And people don’t have to struggle alone because with these battles come the warriors who fight them. Family, friends, co-workers, complete strangers; there are many who will step up and help those in need, and that is exactly what is happening with the Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter. The Chapter is holding their annual Walk to End Lupus event in Crown Point this May. And they are looking for people to step up and step out onto the Lake County Fair Grounds for the cause.

On May 16, 2015 be part of a literal movement to find a cure for lupus. Join hundreds of walkers for a day of fun, food, friendship, and celebration of those who are making strides to find a cure. Registration begins at 10:30am and the walk begins at noon. The route will take you through the Lake County Fair Grounds and you can choose from a 1 mile route or a 5k (3.1 mile) route. A minimum donation of $15 dollars is required per person (ages 13+). Those 12 and under can walk for a $5 donation. Walkers are encouraged to accessories, wear purple, and get creative with their clothing.

"It will be a very spirited event," Morgan McGill CEO of the Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter said. "It's a great way for people who are passionate about the cause to shine a light on it... We do a walk to promote healthy activity. Movement is good for individuals with lupus. They are often told by their doctors that exercise is important. Plus, walking is low-impact and an activity that many can do."

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Online registration ends Friday May 15 at 12pm. A generous portion of the proceeds from the walk will be donated to the Foundation and patient services in Indiana. The fundraising goal for the Crown Point Walk is $90,000.

"I feel our goal very achievable. We have expended a lot of effort with our planning committee to get more volunteers as well as with advertising," McGill said. "We have always had an established patient group in Crown Point with consistent attendance at our symposiums and support groups. We have a lot of advocates and connections in the area. Clinicians that we work with have a presence there as well. We'd like to expand to the east toward South Bend soon."

This is a great opportunity to fundraise for the cause or become a sponsor. Walkers can form teams or walk as individuals and collect donations that will be donated to the Foundation. Those who raise at least $100 will get an official t-shirt and the more money a person or group raises, the cooler the prizes become. The real prize is knowing that with each dollar given we’re one step closer to a cureless disease.

Lupus can be compared to harsh waves crashing on a shore. It flares up with pain and then the symptoms ebb, only to be repeated. It’s a mysterious autoimmune disease with no known cause or cure. Those with lupus have compromised immune systems and their bodies cannot tell the difference between healthy tissues and foreign invaders (germs, viruses, bacteria, etc.), resulting in the creation of auto-antibodies that attack the body and destroy the healthy tissue. This causes pain, inflammation, and can be fatal if symptoms aren’t treated.

Lupus is not contagious and it is in no way related to cancer, HIV, or AIDS. It mostly strikes females ages 15-40 but it can be found in men, children, and teenagers. People of any race or color can get lupus and it is estimated that more than 5 million people worldwide have a form of this terrible disease.

Though there is no known cure for lupus but symptoms can be managed with medication, alternative medicine, and a healthy lifestyle. If you or someone you know was diagnosed with lupus, talk to your doctor about what can be done to help you or your loved one to live a full and happy life. The Lupus Foundation of America is a nonprofit organization that is in hot pursuit of a cure for lupus. They collect funds for research, provide education and advocacy, and help to improve the lives of those who suffer from the disease.

To find out more about the Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter, visit http://www.lupus.org/indiana/home or check it out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/IndianaLFA. People can register at www.lupusindiana.org