Tea for Two and Two for Tea at Blackbird Cafe

teaHealth fads come and go, but there are some that stand the test of time. Green tea, for example, has been put to medicinal use for thousands of years. It's warm, comforting, versatile, and very good for you.

At Blackbird Cafe, we have 13 types of green tea we can make hot or iced so come in and grab a cup! Take a look below to see the health benefits of green tea:

  • Green tea increases metabolism and can contribute to weight loss.
  • Green tea is said to help regulate glucose levels, thus slowing the rise of blood sugar after meals.
  • Scientists believe that green tea can help with heart disease. It works on the lining of blood vessels to help them to stay relaxed and more able to handle blood pressure changes and reduce the risk of high blood pressure all together.
  • Green tea is supposedly able to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. It's thought to kill cancer cells in general without damaging the healthy tissue around them.
  • Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • Green tea is said to delay the deterioration caused by Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. When given to mice studies showed that green tea protected brain cells from dying and restored damaged brain cells.
  • Studies suggest that catechin, a chemical antioxidant in tea, is able to destroy bacteria and viruses that cause certain infections and other dental conditions. 
  • Catechins are strong antibacterial and antiviral agents. They help to treat and prevent a wide variety of ailments. 
  • Green tea contains theanine, which is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves. It's thought to provide a relaxing effect to tea drinkers, helping to reduce depression symptoms.
  • Green tea's antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce wrinkles, signs of aging, and sun damage.

Source: Lifehack.org.