Teamwork and Therapy Go Together at Life Care Center of the Willows

Teamwork and Therapy Go Together at Life Care Center of the Willows
By: GreatNews.Life Last Updated: August 27, 2020

Nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac in Valparaiso, Life Care Center of the Willows serves as a rehabilitation center where residents can feel comfortable and at home. Beyond the cozy surroundings that make up the Life Care Center of the Willows’ exterior lies an even more appealing feature: a team of in-house therapy workers who love their jobs.

Life Care Center of the Willows offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy every day of the week. Specializing in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, Life Care Center of the Willows offers treatments such as balance re-education, fall management and recovery, orthopedic rehabilitation, chronic illness management, Closed Pulse Irrigation wound care, and many more treatments.

Also provided is the assurance of a set of capable hands and ears: the rehabilitation team shares a combined 44 years of experience.

Shannon Houx, Director of Rehabilitation, has been with Life Care Center of the Willows for almost 14 years. Houx performed her clinicals at the facility and was hired soon after. Needless to say, she can’t see herself anywhere else.

“Something here is keeping me hooked,” Houx laughed. “So far, my whole career has been right here.”

Houx was quick to recognize the “hooks” that have kept her working for Life Care Center of the Willows. The familiarity of the facility for both the staff members and the patients is one of the primary draws.

“We’re a much smaller department, and that makes us seem like more of a family,” Houx explained. “We’re able to focus on each individual patient and build a relationship.”

Houx described how, at its core, Life Care Center of the Willows thrives on the intimacy of its snug environment.

“Even just the building itself—there’s a real genuine, authentic feeling here,” Houx continued. “It’s much more like a home than a medical facility.”

With its combination of efficiency—such as the entry and exit systems designed to safeguard residents and the collection of physical therapy equipment that patients utilize with professional guidance—and comfortable touches—such as the cozy seating areas and the accessibility to staff members’ offices,—it’s easy to see what Houx means. Life Care Center of the Willows resembles a home more than a clinical facility.

Houx referenced her colleagues as another reason she loves working for Life Care Center of the Willows. The other therapists who work with Houx include Erwin Escobar, a Physical Therapist and Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist; Sandy Rothbauer, a Physical Therapist Assistant; and Kaci Lamb, Certified Speech Language Pathologist. Houx said that the team works so closely and has been together for so long that they are more of a family unit, as well.

“I really enjoy coming to work and seeing my colleagues,” Houx said. “They’re more than just colleagues—they’re my friends.”

Since their commitment to teamwork is just as passionate as their commitment to caring for their residents, the rehabilitation therapy team at Life Care Center at the Willows raises the bar that much higher.