Tech Credit Union’s newest branch furthers commitment to community

Tech Credit Union’s newest branch furthers commitment to community

Tech Credit Union’s (Tech CU) mission has always been to provide the community with the best banking and loan options possible. On Thursday, November 3, Tech CU celebrated the furthering of this mission with a grand opening ceremony for its brand-new La Porte branch. Excitement and hope for the future filled the air as Tech CU staff and community members cut the ribbon on another wonderful branch.

Tech Credit Union Ribbon Cutting 2022

Tech Credit Union Ribbon Cutting 2022 18 Photos
Tech Credit Union Ribbon Cutting 2022Tech Credit Union Ribbon Cutting 2022Tech Credit Union Ribbon Cutting 2022Tech Credit Union Ribbon Cutting 2022

Tech CU’s new La Porte branch has already been open for a year, but because of COVID-19, the branch wasn’t able to hold an official celebration. Everyone was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to get together and celebrate the opening of the branch.

“We’re excited to be in La Porte, we’re excited to have this office, and it’s time for us to have a grand opening,” said Gene Novello, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Not only was the celebration a great way for the La Porte branch members to commemorate all the hard work they’ve done during their first year, it was also the perfect way to spread the word about the branch and invite community members to come and check out everything Tech CU has to offer.

“We’re really geared towards creating a friendly environment for small neighborhoods and communities. Our goal is to treat every member who walks in here like family. They’re not customers, they’re members,” said Barbara Johns, assistant branch manager.

The new office has already made a huge impact on La Porte. Before the creation of the office, the closest office for La Porte Tech CU members was in Valparaiso. The new office is now Tech Credit Union’s most eastern office, making its services more accessible to its La Porte members.

“When we were looking to buy this place, we already had an established member base out this way. Members had been saying for years that they wished there was an office closer, and we were really looking to serve those members. So, this office is offering convenience to many of our members, and they’re glad to have us here,” said Novello.

Everyone at the La Porte branch has high hopes for the office’s future and is excited to see how it continues to grow.

“Of course, we’d like to keep serving the members that we have, but we’d also like to continue to grow. Tech is all about spreading the credit union movement and we really felt that we could add something to the La Porte community and continue to contribute to the credit union movement,” said Novello.

Ultimately, the celebration couldn’t have gone better, and everyone at the branch was grateful to receive such a warm welcome into the community.

“I want to thank everyone in the community for welcoming us with open arms. We’ve been greeted with so many smiles and so much support. Even our competitors have come over to introduce themselves, and I think it’s great that we can be friendly competitors because we all want the same thing--to offer our customers and our members the best financial advice that they can have. It’s just been so much fun so far,” said Novello.

The La Porte branch encourages everyone in the community, both existing members and people looking to learn more, to come and check out the new branch for themselves. The team is ready to support you and all your financial needs.

“Come out and see us,” said Louise Ortiz, branch manager. “You’ll definitely be in good hands. Our team will know you by name and they will take care of you. We can’t wait to serve you.”

To learn more about Tech Credit Union and its mission to provide its members with the tools for financial success, visit their website here.