Technology – Is it Good or Evil?

By: Contributor Last Updated: August 3, 2010

It depends on how you look at it, or in many cases, whom you have looking after it.

  • Technology allows for fast communication
  • Technology allows for dependency on equipment
  • Technology can be empowering
  • Technology can be expensive
  • Technology adds to productivity
  • Technology adds to complexity

Any of these statements can be true in some circumstances, but the exact opposite could be true in other cases, much like any other aspect of your business, really.

Is it an asset meant to be deployed and maximized, or is it a burden that manages you more than you manage it? Are you using it for good in your business or is your lack of management of it doing evil things to your business?

Golden Technologies was born out of a need that technology could solve, as their story tells you. Helping their clients to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities through smart usage of technology continues guiding them today.

What the heck does that mean to you, the business owner or manager?

What does Golden really do?

  • Website Design & Development – Is your website working for you, beyond looking cool?
  • IT Setup & Support – Who makes sure all this stuff works together properly and answers the questions when it doesn't?
  • Network Management – Everything depends on your internal network and connection to the outside world
  • Application Development – Do you ever wish this thing would connect to that thing, or that information would show up in this program?
  • Business Consulting – How do you have all this stuff and real people work together?
  • Telephony Services – Fancy words for your business phone systems, from cabling to handsets and voicemail
  • Marketing Services – how do you tell everyone about what you do using old and new media/technologies?
  • Hosting Services – Where does all this digital stuff get stored so that it is safe, easy to get at, and reliable?

Do you need every one of these services right now? Maybe not, but most any company of any size needs or can benefit from smartly deploying many of them now or in the future. Golden Technologies gives you the chance to do them all with one group that has one mindset and one common client understanding, whether they are helping you in one area, three, or serve as your technology partner across the firm.

Do you need to understand all of this stuff to take full advantage of it? No. You don't need a law degree to benefit from using your attorney, or your CPA license to gain from the expertise of your accountant. They are experts in their field so that you don't have to be. Golden Technologies can listen to what challenges you have now and help you see the opportunities that you may not. It all comes down to how technology can slay the evil and capitalize on the good.

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