Teens Explore Dental Careers at IU Northwest

Teens Explore Dental Careers at IU Northwest

Indiana University Northwest recently welcomed 26 students from area high schools for a Dental Education Summer Camp, designed to introduce students to careers in the dental field.

Using a mannequin, the students practiced polishing and flossing teeth, taking dental impressions and evaluating them, placing a digital x-ray sensor, and photographing the oral cavity.

They also viewed photographic and x-ray images of oral pathology, learned about the acidity/PH of various brands of bottled water, and explored various professions within dentistry, including learning about the educational requirements for becoming a dental assistant, hygienist, lab technician and applying to dental school.

Teens-Explore-Dental-Careers-at-IU-Northwest_02 The students toured the region’s only onsite Dental Education Clinic and laboratory. The clinic is open to the public and provides a rich clinical experience with over 500 hours of hands-on patient treatment time for each student.

The IU Northwest Dental Education Program has been in existence for over 40 years, graduating highly trained, competent dental professionals. Most work in private practice, helping patients prevent dental disease, although there are many employed in community health settings, education, research, sales, marketing, product development, and public advocacy.

For more information, visit iun.edu/dental.