Terry’s Discount Windows & More Creates Community Connection through Valparaiso University Men’s Basketball Support

Terry’s Discount Windows & More Creates Community Connection through Valparaiso University Men’s Basketball Support
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: October 13, 2017

Few things unite a community as much as college sports. From action on the gridiron at Brown Field to tipoffs in the ARC, Valparaiso University’s Crusaders always get the hometown crowds going. And with the start of another incredible season just around the corner for VU Basketball, the crew at Terry’s Discount Windows is getting fired up for another year of support.

Three years ago, Terry’s made the easy decision to partner with VU Basketball as a sponsor. Owners Terry and Julie Keelen see the sponsorship as more than just a way to get their name out, but as a way to give back to the community and make people’s lives a bit more fun.

“Our son went to VU and actually just graduated from their nursing program,” said Terry Keelen. “They’re a top notch school, and we wanted to be a part of that in some way. We thought by sponsoring their athletics program it would be a win-win for both sides.”

After having lived in Valpo for twenty years and being business owners for 15 of those, Terry and Julie see themselves as part of and are grateful to the Valpo community. With Terry’s Discount Windows they are committed to making the community a better place, not just through offering their services as a business, but through supporting local businesses and organizations like VU Athletics.

“Our youngest son was a ball boy for four years,” Terry explained. “And that’s when we really started to get involved. He enjoyed it, the coaching staff has always been great with kids. They’re great for the community. We wanted to be a part of that because we’re a part of that community and we love to get involved as much as we can.” To Terry & the family of Terry’s Discount Windows, being a sponsor is much more than just having your name and logo on signs and screens around VU. They aim to be a part of the energy the Crusaders bring the city, and sometimes that means getting out on the court.

“One thing we get to do is throw out Terry’s Discount Windows t-shirts at one of the conference games,” said Julie. “It gets our name out there. It’s exciting and fun to be there at that level and in that game, getting people all hyped up and throwing t-shirts. It’s an exciting time of the year for us on a personal level and a business level.”

And of course they can’t help but get excited for this coming year as the Crusaders move into the Missouri Valley Conference. It’s a new challenge for the team, as they’ll battle fresh faces in more nationally televised games.

Terry’s Discount Windows will be with the Crusaders every step of the way. Not just as a sponsor on the signs, but also as hometown fans in the crowd.

For more information about Terry’s Discount Windows, visit www.terrysdiscountwindows.com