Terry’s Discount Windows & More offers energy efficient windows and incredible financing

Terry’s Discount Windows & More offers energy efficient windows and incredible financing
By: Mandy Haack Last Updated: June 13, 2019

Energy efficiency? I think yes. And so does Terry’s Discount Windows & More. If you are looking to save energy in your home, it’s time to start thinking about investing in energy efficient windows.

These top-of-the-line windows are installed professionally by Terry’s Discount Windows & More master-certified installers and are equipped with much more than just glass and a frame.

When you buy a Terry’s Discount Windows & More window, you are making an investment. Here’s why.

“We are very much about energy efficiency-- the way we insulate and cap our windows on the outside is a finished product,” General Manager Mark Hudson said. “Many other people put a foam block in there and call it insulation. We have a liquid foam and it expands until it touches.”

“It goes past just the glass, too,” Operations Manager Matt McCall said. “We have sprayed in insulation foam not just in the frame, but in the sashes. Most companies have just hollow air chambers in their frame."

Sashes are simply the operating parts of the window.

“There are multiple inner chambers inside the frame and inside the sash that we spray foam to give it a tight seal which makes it a more insulated window,” McCall said.

“When you use a highly energy efficient product, you save money,” Sales Manager Caleb Keelen explained. Keelen shared a demonstration to detail this efficiency.

“When we are in homes in the winter time, we make a point to count the times the heat turns on in the last hour. It either stays on continuously, or pops on within the hour 3-4 times. Every time it turns on, it costs you money,” Keelen said. “Once you get a window installed by us, then count the amount of times it turns on.”

Five focal features are necessary to have a professional quality vinyl window. Terry’s Discount Windows and more has all five:

  1. Blown in insulation in the frame and sash. Most companies just have it around the frame- if they have it at all --usually just consisting of a single foam block. Terry’s has both sprayed in. 
  2. Continuous interlocking sashes. When the window shuts the sashes will interlock like a suction to close.
  3. Fiberglass reinforcement. Underneath the lock, fiberglass is in place for security, strength, and performance. It also helps with energy efficiency, because it’s not a metal, which is a conductor.
  4. Double strengthened glass makes glass much stronger for security, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.
  5. Non-metal foam super spacer. 89% of companies use a metal. Terry’s Discount Windows & More uses a non-metal foam spacing system. On average it keeps inside glass 14% warmer.

Office Manager Billy Atherton knows first hand how excited customers feel once a Terry’s Discount Windows & More window is installed in their home or business.

“I have so many customers call in after an installment, or I will chat with them on follow up calls and they rave about how much less their NIPSCO bill is.”

Many customers express how much nicer it is to be in room with the newly installed windows.

“One customer said she never used her spare bedroom because it was too cold and drafty before our installation,” Atherton said. “She now converted the room into a comfortable office space!”

“Buying from box stores or dirt cheap window companies to save a dollar is not a good investment to make. Down the line you will spend a lot more,” Owner Terry Keelen said. “We deal with quality AND quantity.”

The best part is Terry’s Discount Windows & More offers incredible financing options to make these investments possible.

“With instant approvals we can take the headache out of how to afford home remodeling projects,” McCall said. “Whether you are looking for 0% for a year with no payments to a longer term loan with a smaller payment. Most credit is accepted and there is no down payment required upon approval."

Terry’s Discount Windows & More partners with two of the biggest finance companies in the country for customer convenience.

“The finance companies we use give us options to best serve our customers’ needs,” Hudson said. “Some companies offer payments that might be out of reach for some customers. Not only do we offer the 12-month same-as-cash option, but we have options to finance jobs over a longer period at a low interest rate to have the payments more manageable.”

Warehouse Service Manager Doug Guthrie said it best: “When you invest in a Terry’s Discount Windows & More window, you are investing in your last window.”

For more information visit their website or visit them and check out their beautiful showroom at 1153 Marsh St. Suite A, Valparaiso IN!