Terry’s Discount Windows & More Provide Donation to Habitat for Humanity of Porter County

Terry’s Discount Windows & More Provide Donation to Habitat for Humanity of Porter County
By: Andrea Marvel Last Updated: October 18, 2018

“The Lord has blessed us, so when we see an opportunity to bless others, we want to take it,” Caleb Keelen, Sales Manager at Terry’s Discount Windows & More, said. “That’s why we continue to work with Habitat for Humanity when we have overstock to donate.”

Terry’s Discount Windows & More have certainly paid those blessings forward with a recent donation to Habitat for Humanity, which serves to benefit Porter County.

Habitat for Humanity follows the belief that everyone deserves a decent place to call home, which is why they’re largely known for leading the construction of well-built affordable housing wherever you find them. But their work extends far beyond new housing. For instance, community members aged 65 and over who fall within certain income demographics benefit when Habitat for Humanity helps make their homes more accommodating. The same goes with veterans.

“The type of support that the Terry’s Discount Windows donation offers really allows us to reach out to families and create more affordable, well-built homes in the community,” said Paul Kirk, Habitat for Humanity Director of Business Development.

Habitat for Humanity of Porter County is currently growing but draws a lot of inspiration from wildly successful Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph’s County, which is on track to build 28 new homes and serve a dozen veterans and more than 150 aging residents there.

“Our hope is Porter County will grow the same way,” Kirk said, “The ReStore generates the capital to finance those programs.”

The ReStore, located at 704 Silhavy Rd in Valparaiso, receives residential and commercial donations on a daily basis, running three trucks throughout the week for pickup. Donations like those from Terry’s Discount Windows & More are sold through the ReStore, and the revenue goes back to the community.

Currently, Habitat for Humanity of Porter County employs three local residents and is working to build two new homes.

“Terry’s Discount Windows & More reached out to us directly, and their donation was very generous,” Kirk said. “We hope through the revenue to increase production significantly.”

“Without gifts like that from Terry’s Discount Windows & More, it would be impossible for us to even begin to achieve that goal.”