What Do You Think About Top Headlines on Home Page?

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: January 13, 2010

Hello there ValpoLife reader,

One of the cool things that publishing an on-line community site allows us to do is test to see what works best, and that applies to everything that we do.

  • We test what content drives the most interest
  • We test what ways to display the articles, videos, and photos
  • We test how fast the site is, how well it works on various platforms, and how well everyone can access that content
  • We test what marketing messages and forms work best for the great companies that are supporting ValpoLife with their advertising

One of the things that a few folks brought up in our recent survey.  (You can still take that survey to share you input by clicking Here), is one of those things where a positive aspect of the site can actually be good and bad at the same time.  The site is packed full of content, and we have tons of photos and videos up on the site, and for some that can be a bit overwhelming when they go to the home page, with so much to see.

So we'd like to test changing the very top section of the home page, that normally features a random sampling of 5 of the most recent Top 10 articles or videos on the site with a description, image, and Read More link, to display a very simple Title Link for all of the most recent Top 10 articles.  You'll see that change made today, and we will let it run like that for the rest of this week at least, and we would really encourage you to email us your feedback about what you do or don't like about that change, so we can learn whether we should keep it that way, and perhaps revise any other sections on the home page or in the site.

Thanks for reading ValpoLife and al of the coverage we give to what is positive going on in the community, and for telling friends, businesses, and organizations in town about it.  Thanks also for sharing your stories, your writing, your photos, and your feedback so we can continually make it better.

Have a great day,