Thank a Trucker During this Year’s Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Thank a Trucker During this Year’s Truck Driver Appreciation Week

For one week each September, trucking companies across the nation make a substantial effort to thank their drivers. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a hallmark of the trucking industry, with many companies having cookouts, catering food, and offering freebies to their drivers.

The week, which falls from September 10th through the 16th this year, is more than an opportunity to feed the drivers and give them a new coffee cup, though. This week represents a time to reflect on the many services, products, and good deeds these professional drivers provide to the nation. With Indiana representing the “Crossroads of America,” perhaps there is even more reason for the Region to reach out and thank a professional driver this week.

With over 3.5 million professional drivers, there is a lot of thanking to be done. The scope of their profession begins with delivering the smallest non-essential items, and moves through getting gas and disaster relief supplies to those in need. Professional drivers not only work to deliver items safely and effectively, but do so under strict rules and guidelines imposed by the state and federal governments.

In addition to drivers being an essential part of the economy, there isn’t a day that goes by without them doing a good deed for those on the road. The group has gotten a poor reputation in the past, but as a whole they care deeply about completing the job. Truck drivers have been credited with saving lives on the highway, assisting at accident scenes, and for making snap decisions during accidents that save lives.

The professionalism and knowledge these men and women have helps move our nation forward. During times of disaster and misfortune, a driver is sure to step up, help out, and offer whatever they can to assist. From raising funds for various causes, through convoys and other trucking events, to donating their time and effort to strangers on the road, professional truck drivers have a history of standing up when times are tough.

Though they may be a bit rough around the edges, our professional drivers are the ones to thank for the variety of products at the grocery store, the many options available in the clothing department, and the household essentials available on a whim. These drivers traditionally operate without expecting thanks or acknowledgement, so take a moment this week and thank someone. They serve so many people through the course of their career and deserve thanks for the products and services they enable everyone to receive.