The Glass is Half Full: Previewing Summer Fun in Northwest Indiana

glasshalffull“Glass Half-Full” is a new weekly segment you can hear on our Ideas in Motion Media sites that looks at the side of a story that’s rarely reported or focused on - the good news.

In the latest “Glass Half-Full” episode, AM 1420’s Brian Brophy takes a look at the number of great festivals and events taking place throughout Northwest Indiana this summer. Brian previews Valparaiso Events' Summer Jam Music and Food Festival on June 21st, the South Shore Air Show at Fair Oaks Farm on July 11-13, the 2014 Mudathlon taking place on July 19th (plus a fun Coupon Code available through June 15, the Valparaiso Wine Festival on July 19, the 33rd Annual Lakefront Arts Festival in Michigan City on August 16-17 to benefit the Lubeznik Center for the Arts,

Click below to take a listen! Brian can also be heard each Sundays from 2pm - 4pm on AM 1420 WIMS.