The Great Pantry Clean Up!

food-storageNow that summer is winding down and people are heading back to school, it is a great time to reorganize your pantry and get ready for the upcoming school year. To make your life just a little bit easier, go through these steps one by one to clear out the clutter so you won’t have an excuse to not prep healthy meals! (Start with your pantry and repeat for other food cabinets and your refrigerator/freezer)

1. Take EVERYTHING OUT. It can’t be avoided.

2. Clean and sanitize!

3. Now start to look at expiration dates. Toss and/or recycle what you can. You will be AMAZED at some of the expiration dates on the foods in your house. I just found a box of graham cracker crumbs dating back to 2007! Stick with my rule, if in doubt, throw it out!

4. Put aside the things that are not the healthiest, that you are okay with donating. (Think boxed meals, sugary cereals, etc). Donate them to your local pantry.

5. Organize your pantry so the supplies and food you need for packing lunches is up close.

  • Purchase some bins to store your Ziploc baggies and food storage containers, so you can pull out and put back easily.
  • Put your baking goods in the back or up higher as you do not use those as much.
  • When unpacking groceries, try to put the new groceries in BACK of the old ones so they don’t get pushed back and forgotten!


6. Make a grocery list. Plan out at least one week in advance.

Stay tuned next week for a shopping guide!

Happy organizing!