The Home & Lifestyle Show Brings Out a Good Crowd

I hope you're ready Porter County, because the Home Builders Association of NWI Home & Lifestyle Show kicked off on Friday at the Porter County Expo Center. It was a chance for anyone interested in any form of home improvement imaginable to meet with vendors directly. The Expo Center was packed with all kinds of local businesses showing off their services to the community.

From the first step through the door, there were smiling vendors welcoming any and all questions. Aisle upon aisle of varying companies greeted each person attending the show. This is, without a doubt, the perfect place to come for someone who is thinking about sprucing up the home.

Coming from the main entrance, one of the first vendors to be seen was Von Tobel. Gary Oestreich, the Installed Sales Manager, and Dawn Aneston, the Kitchen and Bath Designer, were there representing the local home improvement store beloved by the community.

Gary Oestreich had this to say, "This show is really exciting to show that Von Tobel is still a really big part of the community. It's also a really great way for all the other vendors to show their wares to not just Porter County, but the neighboring counties as well."

He sure said it. All the different vendors had plenty of potential customers asking questions, looking at products, and, most importantly, getting to know the vendors. One of the most important things about the Home & Lifestyle show is that the customers get the chance to really talk with the vendors. It didn't feel like people giving a sales pitch. It felt much more like a community trying to learn from each other.

Even the vendors who happened to be placed next to each other felt like friends after only a few moments.

"It's so enjoyable to see all the people and vendors here," said Dawn Bohren, an Administrative Assistant for One Guy with Tools Home Maintenance & Repair. "Everybody's so nice, and the other vendors feel like really good neighbors. This really has been a great experience."

The Porter County Expo Center really did a fantastic job with the Home & Lifestyle Show. Having a venue so close to home for such great events is truly amazing. So many people had the chance to meet with local companies and have a good time doing it.

The Home Builders Association of NWI Home & Lifestyle Show was definitely a great experience for all involved, attendees and vendors alike.

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Be sure to come out on Saturday and Sunday March 8 and 9 for the remainder of the Home and Lifestyle Show! Click here for more information!