The Hunting Party and A Kissing Couple: New Statues Coming Soon to Crown Point

The Hunting Party and A Kissing Couple: New Statues Coming Soon to Crown Point

If you’ve been to Crown Point lately, you’ll have noticed that there’s something different about the downtown area. Namely, numerous statues that have dotted the landscape.

For the last four years, the city has had various different statues populate the downtown area. First, it was 10-11 bronze statues of normal, everyday people, doing random things like playing a guitar, or kissing, and colorized to draw the attention of anyone passing by.

More than a few times, the individual statues have been mistaken for actual people, such is the skill of the artist, Seward Johnson. There was also a monumental statue of Abraham Lincoln as well as a giant tooth placed next to Sportsplex in Crown Point.

“In the past we’ve had individual statues that we’ve placed around the downtown. And this year we’ve gone, what we call, out of the frame,” stated Councilwoman Carol Drasga.

A play on words that indicates that the artist is focusing on classical paintings by the masters, and making them three dimensional statues, with a slight twist by the artist.

“The artist took Woman in the Garden by Monet, and is calling it The Hunting Party, with subtle changes to the original,” stated Drasga. “Four ladies dressed in hoop skirts, having a garden party and will be place downtown on the courthouse door.”

In addition to the statues, there will also be a gardenscape, that will be a somewhat permanent garden that will remain after the statues are gone. Drasga said that they’re also working with the Artful Garden to add to the display.

“There will be a photograph of the original painting that will be on display, so you can see the differences between the display and the original,” mentioned Drasga.

As for the monumental, Drasga is excited to have the iconic piece of a sailor kissing a girl that symbolizes the victory of the Allies at the end of World War II.

“It’s a great place for people to take pictures and for a lot of people to park and see it, and be exposed to this great artwork,” said Drasga.

Drasga is also partnering with her other councilmembers to have what they are calling a Wall of Heroes. With this, anyone can go to and download a form to fill out, and along with $100 have a plaque made for any living or deceased military family member or friend placed at the statue to recognize them.

“They don’t have to be from Crown Point,” said Drasga. “We just thought that would be a great way to honor these serving men and woman.”

With the statues expected to go up in May and last until November, Drasga and the other members of the city council have outdone themselves this year. Crown Point will definitely be a place to see, especially after these incredible works of art are on display.