The Into the Spider-Verse Movie Finishes off Marvel’s Year of Spectacular Films

The Into the Spider-Verse Movie Finishes off Marvel’s Year of Spectacular Films
By: Rich Bachman Last Updated: December 15, 2018

Rating: 9/10


In our current reality, Peter Parker is still our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Still shooting webs, swinging from buildings and protecting us from evil villains. At the same time, however, the villain Kingpin has acquired a machine that can combine parallel universes with our own. This results in a new Spider-Man emerging in the form of young high schooler named Miles Morales. Although different, Spider-Men from numerous “Spider-Verses” must now join together to defeat Kingpin and get back to their respective dimensions.

What Worked:

To begin, Into the Spider-Verse may be the best visually appealing animated movie I have ever seen. The movie’s style is a combination of realism and video game animation. It may take a minute for one’s eyes to adjust, but once you do, it is truly a beautiful sight. I immensely loved the movie’s overall direction. Pictures, page frames, and even word bubbles taken directly out of Spider-Man’s massive comic book history really worked on screen. Into the Spider-Verse features some of today’s top actors including Chris Pine, Liev Schreiber, Mahershala Ali, Hailee Steinfeld, and yes, even Nicolas Cage. They all do a phenomenal job of giving comedy, action, and drama to an animated character, which is not an easy task. The movie’s soundtrack is definitely geared more towards today’s youth with original music by Post Malone, Jaden Smith, and Nicki Minaj, among others. These original songs do pair well with the movie’s story, characters, and content. The film’s score was good, teasing us along the way towards the final epic showdown of good vs. evil. Into the Spider-Verse submerses viewers with its action, charm, and heart from the opening credits. It is obvious that much time was put into this near perfect movie since finding any negative aspects is not easy.

What Didn’t Work:

Everything in the movie worked, but for sake of review, there are some aspects that could have been radioactively enhanced. I am a huge Spidey fan and was excited to see classic baddie Kingpin as our main villain. My only complaint is that he was just a tad over the top in terms of scale. Kingpin is supposed to be large and in charge, but he was made to be a little too ridiculous in size in this movie. The film’s score was decent, but never really built to anything truly memorable. This was disappointing because of how epic the movie itself is. Lastly, I could see the animation giving some kids headaches. I felt fine after the movie, but a lot of scenes are effervescent in color and have a high degree of rapid movement. All in all, Into the Spider-Verse is so well done that any negative views would be brought on by this simply not being someone’s type of movie. A moviegoer not into comics, superheroes, or specifically Spider-Man may not be as entertained or impressed. I do feel that this movie is good enough to turn some of those naysayers into fans, it is that good.


What a great year for movies, especially if you are a comic book fan. Into the Spider-Verse is a near perfect film that engulfs you into its plot and amazing characters. It did not take long for me to completely forget that I was even watching an animated movie. For hardcore Spider-Man fans, there are so many cameos and Easter eggs that I worry about mentioning anything due to spoilers. There will be another movie and I am sure the Spider-Verse will be further expanded then. Marvel has been on an absolute roll lately, movie after movie displays so much effort and detail. Into the Spider-Verse is no different, and they can now add one of the greatest animated movies of all-time to their mantle. Excelsior Marvel, Stan Lee would be proud.

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