The Lakes of Valparaiso: Building the Valparaiso to Chicago Connection

The Lakes of Valparaiso: Building the Valparaiso to Chicago Connection

As The Lakes of Valparaiso continue to grow and welcome more residents moving into their beautiful apartments in a picturesque setting, the connection to the Chicagoland area has continued to grow with the community.

For those Chicagoans who are looking to maintain the luxury and accommodations that they enjoyed in the city, The Lakes Of Valparaiso is the first stop you should make when looking to relocate to Northwest Indiana.

Attracting those who are looking to move to the Region from Chicago, and those who now commute to the city, has always been a goal of The Lakes of Valparaiso.

“We started looking at this land in 2008 and it takes a while to get everything together so we closed on it in 2012,” said Angela Fielder, Vice President of Real Estate Operations for Weiss Entities. “When we did our market study we thought that we could really do something special here that nobody else has.”

“People want to live in Valpo. It’s a community that people really want to be a part of but there’s limited housing choices for rentals as far as the higher, luxury end.”

With that in mind, the Lakes of Valparaiso knew that they would not only be attracting residents from Valparaiso but further out in the Region and, ultimately, Chicago.

“What we started finding out, and this was our hope, is that we’ve been able to pull from Chicago,” Fielder said. “It’s a fairly easy commute -- you can hop on the train or you can use the ChicaGo Dash.”

Fielder spoke of one resident of The Lakes of Valparaiso who leased fairly early on. She works here in the area, she was living in downtown Chicago and was surprised by all that The Lakes had to offer.

“She said, ‘you have every amenity that I would ever need!” Fielder said. “Her apartment in Chicago had few amenities and she said, ‘you know, living here is so much easier. It’s not as stressful and you have a lot conveniences.”

The differences between a metropolitan area like Chicago and a small city like Valparaiso are numerous. Things like cost of living, crime, traffic congestion and schools are just a few of the factors bringing people away from the bigger city and into the Region.

Being on the east side of Valparaiso, The Lakes are in the Washington Township School District which has received high ratings by state and national education advocacy groups.

Whether you’re living in Valparaiso and commuting to the Chicagoland area or living in the Chicagoland area and commuting to the Region, The Lakes of Valparaiso provide their residents with a luxurious living experience that is the perfect mix of location, accommodations, cost and convenience.